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 Season 14

Episode 32

(There Will Be A Day When You’ll Beg Me)

Lin Che was getting more vicious with her words. It meant that for the Gu family to even come and meddle with their kindergarten, they were really demeaning themselves.

The young master did not have much experience in such matters. For a moment, he stood there red-faced and stared at Lin Che for a good half a day before thinking of something to retaliate. “We can’t miss out on even a cent of anything that belongs to the Gu family. We will not let anyone take advantage of us. That is our principle.”

Lin Che scoffed. “Now, that’s funny. This is my doing, my investment. What has it got to do with the Gu family?”

Did she do this?

How could he believe it?

“Whatever money you have must be of Gu Jingze’s funding. No matter how much, it is still our money. You must return what’s rightfully ours.”

Lin Che looked at him. “You’re using strong words. Why can’t I have my own money?”

“Of course. The land here alone is worth tens of millions. It’s definitely something you can’t afford. Quick, stop wasting time with your rubbish. In any case, we want this place for sure.”

As he said those words, he looked back to see the curious parents adding fuel to the fire.

“What are you guys looking at? This kindergarten is illegal. It belongs to us. This b***h stole our money and opened this kindergarten. You guys actually send your kids here to learn to become thieves?”

A few parents’ faces turned into shock when they heard his words. They did not know what to say for a moment. They were shocked as well as in disbelief.

“How can this be…”

“This is a wonderful kindergarten. How can it be based on stolen money?”

“I hope there won’t be any problems in the future.”

Lin Che’s face darkened. They dared to spout nonsense to the parents.

“That’s enough. Get out of here immediately. If not, don’t blame me for the consequences.” Lin Che walked over and straightened herself up. She looked at the people and said, “Coming over to bully me, a fragile woman, and her kindergarten is one thing. Why do you still have to come and hinder our regular developments so unreasonably? We just want to simply carry out our lives. What about being a woman? Can’t a woman have enough money to build a school? Do you look down on women?”

The parents who had come were mothers. It was mostly the mothers who kept relations with the kindergarten and so when the women heard Lin Che’s words, they became riled up.

“Precisely. Women can have money too. Why must a woman’s money be from only crooked ways?”

“I don’t think there will be problems here. I believe in Lin Che. She has been managing the school well. It must be you who brought these people to disrupt us.”

“The kindergarten has been doing fine all along. The kids are safe here and sensible. They learn a lot. This is such a good school and you guys want to create a scene. You must have an ulterior motive.”

“We must not listen to these people’s nonsense. Look at our own kids and you’ll know. Kids won’t lie and the kids are learning well here. They are fluent in both English and our language. We don’t even need to hire a tutor anymore. They are also exceptionally sensible. How can the school be bad?”

Once a parent mentioned this, everyone started to think about it and rallied together.

The young master from the Gu family looked and did not expect that he would dig his own grave.

Lin Che really had her weapons drawn. She had penetrated into the hearts of the women.

The young master stood there, not knowing how to stir up trouble anymore. “Lin Che, no matter what you do, this still belongs to the Gu family. Don’t force me to do it the hard way.”

He waved his hand and his men followed behind.

At the wedding ceremony previously, the men had seen their family’s security. Given the skills of the Gu Jingze’s guards, they knew that it was of no use to attack directly but there were only so few of them.

So this time, they had brought more people with them.

However, just as they were about to attack, they had not expected to see a group of people gaining control. They seemed of military-grade and had surrounded them off guard.

These people did not look like they were from C Nation.

Lin Che turned back and saw that Said had caught up. He looked at her and said, “Has Gu Jingze already allowed you to get bullied like this?”

Lin Che frowned. What did he want this time?

Lin Che said, “A small matter like this doesn’t require Gu Jingze to do anything.”

“There’s not a need but it doesn’t mean he can treat it like it’s invisible.”

Without waiting for Lin Che to respond, Said already raised his hand and said to her with a smile, “Let me show you what it means to be the strongest man.”

Said’s eyes turned cold and looked at the people ahead. Slowly, disdain appeared on his face. The Gu family is nothing to him now.

Some people did not have the time to react upon seeing this fight.

Said waved his hand and asked, “Who dares to be violent in front of a royal? Who dares to be violent to a diplomat?”

The people looked closer and realized that they were of Di An’s royals.

Said, the Great Prince.

He was visiting in C Nation but why was he here?

Seeing him stand beside Lin Che only brought more surprise.

How did the successor to the throne know Lin Che?

Lin Che, this woman…

Nobody could think of any reason.

If you said it was because of Gu Jingze, it was impossible he would handle this small kindergarten matter. It looked like he came with Lin Che and judging by how he was smiling and looking at Lin Che, it led one to think he was not ordinary.

Some of the men were at a loss of what to do.

Lin Che did not want the slightest of help from Said. She walked two steps ahead and said, “Alright, I’ll let you off for now. Get lost and don’t ever come close to my kindergarten. If not, don’t blame me for being harsh.”

Some of the men did not want to leave but looking at Said, and thinking about his entire royal clan, they thought they were sure to be on the losing end and had better leave.

Seeing them go, Said smiled and looked at Lin Che. “If people bullied you in my country, they would probably be seeing their gods by now.”

Lin Che replied, “We’re not as overbearing as you. They might be annoying, but doesn’t mean that they deserve death.”

“Haha. When you’re with me, you’ll be my consort. It’s death for anyone who lays a finger on a royal member. Only then will you get a taste of being on a higher level.”

“Sorry, I’m not interested.”

Lin Che turned around to leave.

Said replied, “Lin Che, the more you reject me, the more I find you intriguing. One day, you’ll come to me on your own and beg me to want you.”

Said looked at Lin Che, narrowed his eyes, and laughed heartily.

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