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Season 14

Episode 31

( Leave A Small Matter Like This To Me)

Lin Che took some time off to take Gu Shiyuan out for some fun.

Gu Shinian was attending school and Gu Shiyuan was going to be enrolled in the kindergarten in the near future. She was too protected at home and those who played with her were the maids and butlers. It was not ideal and so, Lin Che prepared to send her over to her brother’s side as early as possible. In any case, there would be teachers to care for her in the kindergarten and she would be able to learn how to be independent sooner. It would be good for her character building.

So before all that, Lin Che wanted to take some time to spend with Gu Shiyuan and let her know the benefits of going to the kindergarten at the same time.

Gu Shiyuan gradually accepted the idea and of course, one of the reasons that made her feel going to the kindergarten was not a big deal was that her brother was there as well. Her brother would take care of her and play along with her.

Gu Shiyuan did not really like playing with other girls. She was like a little boy. She loved following the other kids in climbing trees, jumping off walls, and driving small cars.

Thus, she usually enjoys playing with her brother and wishes to be with him.

She held a cup in her hands and leaned back as she watched the children play. Then, her surroundings started getting sealed off by an unknown party.

A group of people swaggered over, as though they had immense power.

Lin Che stood up. “What’s going on?”

“Madam, it looks like the entourage from Dubai.”

The guard said.

Lin Che moved her eyes and saw Said coming out from within, took off his Arabian clothes, and was donning a suit. As he walked over, he looked to his sides and tugged his shirt lightly.

A few of the maids looked over, a little surprised, and asked Lin Che, “Madam, what do we do now?”

Lin Che waved her hands. “No worries, let him come over.”

“Hey, what are you doing these few days? I’m leaving soon, and you’ve never appeared.” He said as he walked over.

Lin Che said, “It’s truly an honor beyond words to have the Great Prince come all the way here and look for me. You can also see for yourself that I’m looking after my kid.”

He glanced at the little one in the far corner.

“So young, and she has some of your features. She’ll be a beauty as precious as a gem in the future.” He smiled widely. “I think if we had a kid, she would be more beautiful.”

Lin Che was already feeling frustrated. He was exaggerating too much. To think he had the cheek to say such ridiculous things.

“Great Prince, how many times do I have to repeat myself? I’m already married. I love my husband. It’s impossible between us. You’re crossing moral boundaries here.”

“Haha, morals are only used as an excuse by the defeated. If you and I become real, we might be celebrated as an example. I’ve taken in a C Nation concubine and this is good for the partnership between two nations.”

“That’s enough, Great Prince. What do you mean by this? Do you only want to make conquests? There are many women for you to conquer, so why do you have to pick someone like me who already has two kids?”

Said squinted and his pupils showed his greed of wanting her. It made her feel his evil and overbearing ways.

“You have a special charm. I’ve come to realize that I’ve no feelings for other women. Yesterday, your wealthy businessmen secretly sent me some women. When I saw them, I felt disgusted because I felt that they couldn’t be compared to you.”

Lin Che felt humiliated. “Said, don’t you think you’re being too much saying such things to a woman?”

“How so? If you want a woman, shouldn’t you treat her as the biggest prize? Lin Che, as long as you’re willing, you’ll be the most distinguished woman in my country in the future. Those concubines of mine can’t even be compared to you. Now, I’m still short of one concubine. Isn’t this all for you?”

“Enough.” There was a ferocity in Lin Che’s eyes. At that moment, she heard someone suddenly shout from the side, “Mistress, something is happening in the kindergarten.”

Lin Che was a little shocked. She glared ferociously at Said, then softened her gaze and asked the maid, “What happened?”

“Gu family’s people said that kindergarten is built using the funds from the Gu clan. At that time, there was no separation yet and that kindergarten was our hidden asset. It was not declared then, so now we need to re-evaluate the splitting of assets.”

Lin Che paused and then she wanted to laugh.

“They’re really looking at all the nitty-gritty details. Why do they keep finding an excuse to trouble me?”

Said had no understanding of whatever they were saying as it was matters of C Nation.

Not waiting for his translator to translate, Said hurriedly caught up with Lin Che.

“Where are you going?”

Lin Che pushed Said aside. “Please stay away from me. I have things to do.”

Said was stunned. He just got pushed away?

He glanced at his side. It was a great offense to use force on a royal member.

Instead, Said waved his hands and got his men to retreat.

He chuckled and continued with keeping up. “What happened? Let me help you.”

“Not necessary!” Lin Che’s face exuded frustration and could not care about others.

Said thought it was refreshing and simply went after her.

Over that side, the men from the Gu family had already surrounded the kindergarten.

Some parents had gotten the news and were outside the kindergarten, not knowing what was going on.

This kindergarten had always held itself high and was strict with rules. Why was there chaos today?

Some were considering asking what had happened but the people from the Gu family did not let anyone in. Soon, the parents got anxious and were in discussion.

“What’s this? These people look like they mean business.”

“No way, our kids are in there. Will they be in danger?”

“Someone is coming over from that side. Let’s quickly see what’s going on.”

Lin Che had rushed over with her people.

At the entrance, when the people from the Gu family saw Lin Che had personally come over, they were a little fearful.

However, someone from the Gu family had shouted, “Why? Just because a woman is here, you guys get scared?”

Everyone lifted up their chest again and thought it made sense. She was no longer the mistress of their household. What was there to be scared of?

Lin Che looked at them and felt she had seen this guy before. It was one of the descendants of the family. She laughed coldly. “Xue Mengqi decided not to come herself but asked these juniors to come over? What’s the meaning of this? Is there nobody left in the Gu family?”

“Oh, a small matter like this, is left to me. Lin Che, what are you doing here? Where is Gu Jingze? Why? After leaving the Gu family, is he now hiding behind a woman’s back?”

Lin Che replied, “A small matter like this doesn’t require Gu Jingze to come and handle. A man handles external matters and a woman handles internal matters and those regarding children. I’ve been handling these all along. What are you doing here? Your Gu family has to come over to ask about my kids attending kindergarten. Why? Do you not have any businesses to do?”


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