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Season 14

Episode 30

(Get Lin Che Out Of The Way By All Means)

Zhou Zhong quickly moved aside a little. Lin Che sat on the seat he had previously been so smug on. Before she sat down, her security helped to change the cushion.

Since she was already there, Lin Che had already set her mind to get rid of him as far as possible.

He had previously been so arrogant while using the Gu family’s name and throwing his weight about. Now, it was a slap to his own face.

The caretaker looked on in a state of shock at the side.

The outsiders still did not know Lin Che’s identity but only saw how the caretaker’s face turned pale and knees went weak the moment he saw Lin Che.

Lin Che was only a celebrity, so what was so scary about her?

He was a man after all and the caretaker of the Gu family.

Lin Che knew of these subsidiaries. There were a total of 19 subsidiaries. When she had taken over Gu Jingze’s role, she had gotten to know all about these subsidiaries. However, a caretaker like this was impossible for her to know.

Zhou Zhong had not forgotten about the time when Lin Che became the head of the family. Thus, he was still somewhat fearful of her.

Despite that, he still told himself, What was there to be afraid of? She and Gu Jingze have already left the Gu family. Since they’ve gone out on their own, what was so scary about Lin Che?.

However, another voice was obvious in his mind. He knew how scary Gu Jingze could be. If he offended Lin Che, it meant that he would offend Gu Jingze.

The people in the Gu family did not even dare to offend Gu Jingze. He was just a small caretaker and he did not have such audacity.

But was this kindergarten Lin Che’s?

No wonder… No wonder…

It made sense. Their children were also attending school there and the outsiders knew it.

However, they had established this kindergarten for the sake of their children.

No wonder they were not afraid of anyone and were unrelenting. Nothing anyone said was of use.

Gu Jingze was not afraid of anyone and he did not need to entertain anyone. Thus, anyone who went to have a word got rejected.

“What did you mean previously? What do you want to do?” Lin Che lifted her brows and looked at the caretaker.

Zhou Zhong replied hurriedly, “It was a misunderstanding, Madam. I didn’t know that was yours. I must be blind.”

Lin Che laughed. “No, we have to correct a mistake. Is the place too big?”

“No no…”

If he dared to say that Gu Jingze made a mistake, he was wishing for death.

“We’ll leave now. Really, we’ll leave right away. It’s just that our master at home wishes to enroll young master and young miss into school and a reputable kindergarten has a good name. It’s still your good doing. I didn’t know it was your doing, but the kindergarten has gained fame far and wide.”

Lin Che laughed. “But it’s really at full capacity. How about this? You return and say that a place will be kept for him. Next year, when we open for a term, we’ll notify him at once. However, our place really can’t be compared to Gu family’s private education. I’m just worried that we’ll bring down your house’s young master and miss. If they don’t learn as much, isn’t that a death penalty? We can’t afford the responsibility.”

“No way, no way. The children you educate are so capable like the young master. How can there be mistakes? If we can enroll into this kindergarten, it would be a big honor. I’ll report this to my master immediately. I’ll say that out of your generosity, you’ve reserved places for us for next year. Our master will be extremely pleased.”

This bootlicker.

No wonder he was a caretaker. He had a glib tongue.

Lin Che watched the caretaker leave and scoffed.

Once out, the caretaker wiped off the cold sweat on his head.

What luck, to actually cross paths with Lin Che.

He really wanted to give himself two big slaps. He should not have been so flamboyant. Now that matters have turned out as such, how was he going to recover if word got out?

The people inside watched as Zhou Zhong left gloomily.

Then they looked at Lin Che and said, “Miss Lin, now….”

Lin Che smiled. “It’s alright now. Sorry to trouble you guys.”

Everyone cheered at the back.

“What did Lin Che do? That obnoxious guy who acted like he was in charge was scared stiff the moment he saw Lin Che.”

“Who knows. Perhaps Lin Che… has some backing.”

“Then that backing must be very strong if even the Gu family’s afraid of her.”

As for Zhou Zhong.

He returned home very soon and told his master what had happened.

“What? Gu Jingze’s doing?”

He was listless for a moment, but he got disgruntled as he thought about it.

As he sat there, the more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

So after a while, he immediately got up to look for Xue Mengqi.

“Mengqi, look. Isn’t Gu Jingze doing this to mock us?”

Xue Mengqi was fretting as well. He had gone looking for embarrassment and now he wanted to whine.

“But is that kindergarten really that fantastic?”

“I don’t know if it’s that fantastic or not. But their reputation is out there. Now, they’re putting us in a spot on purpose. What are they implying by not accepting our Gu family’s kids? Have we become enemies now that we’ve separated? We’re relatives after all, so do they have to do this?”

Xue Mengqi was actually angry. For the past few days that the Dubai Princes had been in the country, they had been on the TV and gaining all the glory. However, they went straight to the Glazed Tile Palace and never had any interaction with the Gu family.

In the past, when Gu Jingze was still around, they would come over to the Gu family for a visit whenever they arrived in C Nation. Not only that, but a few of the princes also had quite good relations with the Gu family.

It was obvious now that the Gu family had been neglected as those people did not come over to visit the Gu family anymore.

Xue Mengqi was now the representative for numerous events in the Gu family. She was just this close to being the head of the entire clan.

She had been thinking of what she could use to win the trust of everyone and take on the seat of being the head of the clan.

However, it was quite tough.

She had not even thought of anything and someone had come over whining that he had been bullied by Gu Jingze.

She said, “That should be Lin Che’s doing.”

“What?” Gu Cheng asked.

Xue Mengqi said, “That kindergarten. Gu Jingze doesn’t have the time for some random kindergarten. It must be Lin Che’s idea. She likes to torment when she has nothing to do.”

“I guess so.”

“Alright, you head back first. Leave this matter to me.”

Xue Mengqi said, “I won’t let my family’s name get swept away. Isn’t it just a kindergarten? There are many ways to go about not letting her operate it.”

Xue Mengqi was best at using all kinds of tactics. And her tactics may not all be righteous.

She liked to step in grey areas and sometimes taking big risks.

Especially now. She had not yet had her fill as the head of the house, so she would not be chased away that easily.

Thus, nothing could be better than using Lin Che to start her operation. Anyway, the Gu family members had all hated Lin Che. They viewed her as the outsider who did nothing to gain all the love and the woman who flaunted her prowess.


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