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 Season 14

Episode 29

(The Prestige Is Always There)

That meant that they should be honored to be able to set sights and choose this place.

But the principal could only shake his head. Lin Che had given word that they were not going to take in anyone anymore, no matter who they were.

“We’ve reached full capacity for the intake of students, Sir. It’s the truth. You could try registering earlier next year… or maybe if someone drops out in the middle of the term, we can notify you immediately. But for now, it’s really…”

“What?” The caretaker laughed as he looked up. “Perhaps you didn’t understand my words.”

“No no, I understood. However, we really don’t have a place here anymore.”

“Hmph. Principal, who’s your backer here? Or maybe, if I could be direct, perhaps it would be of better use if I speak with him.”

“This has nothing to do with them, no matter who it is…”

“Alright, you must be a foreigner, so you don’t understand.”

“No, I’ve already asked. To be honest, I had gone to ask immediately but they’ve really said that our school must be rigorous. For the sake of good education, there must be principles.”


The caretaker stood up at once and looked at the unrelenting principal.

“I’ll go and ask around now. Who the heck are your backers? The audacity of them.”

The caretaker scoffed and glared ferociously at the principal before taking his leave.

The principal touched his forehead.

Ever since he had set up a kindergarten here, he had been constantly dealing with people like this. It really left him speechless.

However, whenever they said they would look for the ones responsible, there would be no news of them after. It looked like they probably got told off that it was impossible and so did not appear again.

Just that this time, the one who was here was from the Gu clan. Would they end up to be the same as the others?

The Gu family subordinate immediately started speaking of the matter when he returned home.

Immediately, they said with rage, “Go and check it out. I don’t believe that a big kindergarten wouldn’t have a loophole. Go and look it up.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The subordinate went around asking around immediately. Priding himself in his tasks, he was always number one.

When it came to taxes, he would submit them automatically without being told.

As an educator, he had the relevant certifications.

For agriculture, he would buy them on his own.

As for gardening, his garden far surpassed others.

Then, what else was there?

The key was that even if there was nothing, he could still pick on something. However, after he asked around, someone discreetly said, “You guys better forget it. You can’t afford to mess with this family.”

The subordinate from the Gu family was extremely angry. “Ah, in C Nation, there’s nobody my Gu family can’t offend.”

They said, “We’re being serious. People had asked about them in the past but they got taken down immediately. This family is formidable, so you guys better forget it.”

“Ha, our Gu family doesn’t just forget about something.”

The Gu family’s caretaker went back to his bosses to make a suggestion.

“Their kindergarten must have some issues. You guys go check on it.”

In the end, they checked and managed to find some issues. It turned out that the area being occupied was too big and not within regulations.

According to the regulations, a kindergarten with that little number of students and occupying that amount of space was deemed to be wasteful of land.

The caretaker looked and said delightfully, “Such a big area and they dare say they’re at full capacity. Aren’t they trying to create hype on purpose? I know their tactic. They must have not have that much money so you can probably enroll if you have a lot of money.”

The city administrator went over quickly to investigate.

They went to the kindergarten and asked the representative for a good explanation.

When Lin Che received the call, she laughed coldly. “Seriously. They can’t live days peacefully and insist on creating a ruckus.”

Gu Jingze replied, “Why? What did the Gu family do this time?”

Lin Che filled him in. “They’re ridiculous, to think they could actually find something like that.”

Gu Jingze said, “That plot of land has a big portion being used for building a park. There’s not much of a problem actually. Do you need me to speak with the guys over at that side?”

“That’s not necessary. You still have to handle the entourage issues.” Lin Che said, “When’s the entourage leaving?”

“Looks like they’ll only leave next week.”

“Why are they staying around for so long?”

“They’ve too many things. They need to make proper arrangements.”

Lin Che shook her head, speechless.

Although she did not have any interactions with the entourage those few days, she had seen the media reports on TV. It was reported that they had brought too many things over and even had a crowd outside the hotel they were staying at.

The prince had even brought his chair from home over, saying that the chairs here were not comfortable.

All these reports of extravagance and self-indulgence had riled up the attention and ridicule of the nation’s citizens. Many dreamed to marry into this country that seemed to be a goldmine.

However, if they really married over, they would know how cruel it was to be there in reality. It did not mean a fortunate life just because of some extravagance.

Lin Che said, “Go get busy with your work. I’ll go over and have a look. Even if we’ve separated from the Gu clan, it can’t be they don’t know me right?”

Gu Jingze kissed her forehead. “I’ll let them know you better.”

Over at this side, the Gu family’s caretaker was still waiting for an answer.

Just then, someone came over to report. “Caretaker Zhou, please wait. The kindergarten’s representative will come over.”

He laughed and lifted his teacup without looking out. “I’ve said it. They would ultimately know the power of my Gu family. Let that person come. I do want to ask what the hell are they doing. Taking up such a big area of land, crossing such a big boundary and yet nobody checked. Did they really think C Nation had no rules?”

“Oh, how have I not been abiding by rules? I have no idea.”

At that moment, that voice gave people a shock. Following which…

Zhou Zhong looked up and saw Lin Che with a bunch of people walking in uprightly. He almost fell off his chair.

The cup in his hand dropped to the floor.

Lin Che!

The ex Mrs. Gu.

The mistress of the Gu family’s lineage… who would not know her?

This matter had not been over for long. Though they had separated ways, the two Gu families were still undoubtedly related, by all means, deep-rooted over the years. The one who knew the Gu family best was Gu Jingze and the one who knew him best was the Gu family.

Thus, the fear and respect they had for him were still evident. Even though he was no longer the head of the family and had left, he was still on their pedestal.

And Lin Che, the one at his side as in the past, was also loved and respected by many.

“Ma-… Madam…”

In an instant, Zhou Zhong was so shocked that his voice started to shake.

Lin Che looked at him and did not recognize this caretaker.

Lin Che held onto her identity and smiled coldly. She looked at him and squinted. “Whose family are you from?”

“I…. I’m the caretaker of the Gu-Cheng family, a subsidiary of the Gu clan.

“Oh, I know.”

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