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 Season 14

Episode 28

(The Gu Clan Found Them Here)

Said laughed arrogantly. “Impossible. His status already can’t compare to mine now.”

Lin Che shook her head and smiled plainly. “No matter what his status is, he is my everything. He is worth more than everything I have. He is worth more than my life. Thus, in my heart, he will always be the strongest.”

Said narrowed his eyes dangerously. His gaze harbored maliciousness.

Just then, Dong Zi, who had been watching from behind, seemed ready to come forward at any moment.

But since he was the Great Prince, Dong Zi kept a good distance.

However, if he tried to hurt Lin Che, they would absolutely not give leeway even if he was the Great Prince.

Said scoffed. “What are you looking at? I don’t need to use force to get a woman.”

Lin Che’s gaze deepened.

Said replied, “I will show you what the strongest man is like.”

Lin Che said, “Give it up.”

Said looked at her deeply. Then, he saw that Hammond actually followed them. He grunted at Hammond and left without greeting him.

Hammond looked at Lin Che. “What was he doing here?”

Lin Che shook her head. “Nothing much.”

Hammond and Lin Che went out together. As they walked, he said, “You should be more careful. Said has always been the kind of person who gets everything he wants. It’s not a big deal, but if he sets his heart on something, he will fight for it all the way.”

Lin Che’s brows furrowed slightly as she felt uneasy in her heart. This was indeed not good. She decided that she ought to keep her distance from the entourage this time to avoid trouble.

Thinking about it, she let Dong Zi inform Gu Jingze while she left the place first.

Outside, the weather was great. The presidential palace was shrouded in joy. It seemed peaceful but also harbored a hint of negative vibes.

Lin Che thought that perhaps she was overthinking things.

Lin Che headed home.

When she got home, she received yet another bad news from the kindergarten.

A staff member called and said that someone called at night, saying that they wanted to send some children to the kindergarten. The staff replied that the kindergarten was full at the moment and was not taking in new students. The other party claimed to be from the Gu family and insisted on squeezing in a few children from the Gu family.

Lin Che was exasperated. The Gu family?

Lin Che placed her palm on her forehead and asked, “Which Gu family?”

“That’s what I asked too, but they said there was no other Gu family in C Nation.”

Lin Che replied, “We’re not taking in new students and that is final. We are full and can’t make any exceptions.”

Which other Gu family could it be? They had to be from the Gu clan.

In the upper-class circle of C Nation, two Gu families were in trend. Gu Jingze was known as the outlier, while the Gu clan under the Xue family’s leadership was known as the traditionalist.

The clear distinction allowed everyone to know who was talking about whom.

After all, the two households were separated and couldn’t be lumped together anymore.

Back to Lin Che’s kindergarten.

The kindergarten was financially backed by a few of them, but none of them exposed their names to outsiders. Thus, outsiders only knew that there was an established kindergarten here with facilities better than any other kindergartens in C Nation. Teaching resources were also ahead of those international kindergartens by miles. Because of this, the application list was already full when the kindergarten opened. They went on a first come first served basis and spots were all taken up immediately. They could have expanded, but Lin Che did not want the hassle nor end up compromising on standards if they did. Until now, they maintained the status quo with the right number of students and teachers. This allowed them to maintain their best standards.

Because of this, the kindergarten ended up being exaggerated even more by the public.

Many people would talk about this kindergarten and how impressive it was. Once they had enough students, they would not accept any more. There was no use trying to pull strings or bribing them with money.

It looked like this really was the best kindergarten.

In an instant, the kindergarten attained a god-like reputation. It was said that children who attended school here certainly did not have obscure backgrounds.

This way, even more parents wanted to enroll their kids here.

This was human nature. The more one could not get something, the more they wanted to get it. The more they desired something, the more it would be treasured. The more they could not enter, the more high-end it would seem.

It was actually not as exaggerated as people made it out to be.

They merely focused more on the children’s growth.

Because at the beginning, they established this kindergarten so that they could ensure the safety and education of their children.

Now, the Gu family had to cross paths with her again.

Lin Che put down the phone and got her people to investigate the matter.

After asking around, it turned out that some of the Gu clan relatives heard about this kindergarten and did not want their children to be homeschooled anymore. They wanted to enroll their children in this kindergarten.

What was the meaning of this?

The Gu family’s children have always been homeschooled until they reached junior high school or high school level. Then, they would be sent abroad to further their studies. Why come knocking on the door of this kindergarten, of all places?

After the kindergarten received this call, the staff were a little worried. The kindergarten had never been worried about anything as they knew that their own investors were not people to be trifled with. Thus, the process had always been smooth with the education and resources. Those trying to find faults outside or obstruct the way would walk away from here.

But the Gu family was a little different. After all, they were indeed the greatest family in C Nation. That was not an exaggeration.

On the Gu clan relative’s side, they continued asking about it. When the kindergarten did not respond, they sent a representative over.

They sent a caretaker who specialized in childhood education to the kindergarten.

The caretaker had a smug look on his face. He sat there cross-legged as he drank the tea from the table and looked at the kindergarten principal in front of him.

“Since you’re in C Nation, you should first understand who is the most powerful here. Needless to say, the Gu family has been through all kinds of waves and storms all these years. Our roots run deep and our credentials are not fake either.”

The principal was a foreigner. He stood there and remained silent.

He continued and said, “I came here today because our Sir hopes that his child can interact more with society. Thus, we have decided to give your kindergarten a chance. We normally do homeschooling and it’s completely sufficient. We only hire kindergarten tutors from abroad and they are exceptionally famous teachers. It’s just that the home environment is different. We believe that the environment here is not bad, so we want to give it a try.”

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