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Season 14

Episode 27

( Be My Concubine)

The extravagance of the entourage had been publicized by the media for some time. Many people were wowed by it.

Gu Jingming waited in Glazed Tile Palace. Until the entourage arrived, the media was blocked from the entrance.

Lin Che went in and saw that the banquet had already been prepared.

Yu Minmin and Gu Jingming greeted the officials until they were just about done before they went to join Lin Che.

As it was a state visit, there were still many formalities and rules to abide by.

Hammond followed behind obediently. He only exclaimed upon seeing Lin Che, “Hey, Lin Che. You’re here.”

This caught the attention of many officials.

Everyone inevitably turned to see who Hammond was calling out to.

When they saw that it was Lin Che, surprise flashed in their eyes.

But Hammond did not care at all. He simply pried away from the crowd and approached Lin Che.

Princes like Hammond were too used to being waited on back home. They would not care about these official customs. This was even more so for Hammond, who was never a candidate for Crown Prince. Thus, he lived a more carefree life.

Everyone looked at Hammond, and then back at Lin Che. They were puzzled as to how these people knew her.

Or it could be said that this Lin Che’s social circle was really strange.

She basically did not hang out with those celebrities usually. However, every single person she knew was extremely elite.

Because Lin Che normally did not think to befriend anyone in particular. It all depended on what fate brought her.

Because of this, the people she knew were not all over the place. It was mostly centered around these people.

Gu Jingze was not around. Hammond asked, “You’re actually by yourself. Gu can bear to leave you on your own here?”

“Why wouldn’t he…?” Lin Che asked in puzzlement.

“Doesn’t he always stick close to you?”

“That was in Di An. There’s nothing much here.” Lin Che said, “Overseas, he is worried that I might get into trouble if I’m alone. Don’t tell me that I’d get into trouble in my own home too?”

Hammond raised his brow. “In any case, I only saw him cling onto you very tightly.”

Gu Jingze was probably busy with work now and she naturally would not interfere.

The two chatted for a while and there were people who wanted to join in, but Hammond tended to ignore others. Thus, they could only look on and gradually back off.

When Hammond got bored halfway, he left to find other entertainment around here.

“Hey, I see that there are many beautiful ladies here too. I must go to take a good look.”

Lin Che shook her head helplessly and turned around to find a place to sit. She was thirsty from all that chatting. Just as she took a sip, she saw a figure standing right in front of her.

“Hey, why are you hiding here by yourself?”

She looked up.

Said’s lips curled into his signature proud smile.

Lin Che asked, “This is called hiding? I’m seated right here in the open, having my drink.”

“Really? But you’ve been talking to Hammond just now and I feel like you’ve neglected me. You aren’t avoiding me on purpose, are you?”

“Hmph… I didn’t even see you. I’m not avoiding anyone, and why would it mean I’m avoiding you if I talk to Hammond?”

“Because many people know that Hammond and I never talk.”

Lin Che frowned.

He leaned there and said unabashedly, “Hammond is a prince who doesn’t even know who his mother is. I have no interest.”

How arrogant.

“That is your younger brother.”

“I have plenty of younger brothers and they are already enough. I don’t need one more like him.”

Lin Che said speechlessly, “You’re being too impersonal like this.”

“Why? My father casually knocked a random woman up outside and I have to call the child my brother? If his mother is some maid who sweeps the streets, do I have to call her my mother too?”

Lin Che rolled her eyes at him. “Forget it.”

His life was different from hers. It was pointless trying to talk sense into him.

It was just her first time knowing that competition for the Crown Prince position seemed extremely obvious. It was as though they did not hide their intentions nor did anything under the table. It was more about who they could not get along with or who were enemies with whom. These were all out in the open and it was really incredible.

She was used to the internal dispute methods in C Nation. She wasn’t quite used to how the other nation worked.

Lin Che got up to leave, but Said continued to follow her.

In the corridor, Said asked, “Where are you going?”

Lin Che glanced and frowned, thinking it was inappropriate.

“Great Prince, you are the representative of the entourage this time. Isn’t it a little inappropriate for you to follow me?” So many people were looking at him and he just left like this.

How would those people think?

Furthermore, he followed after her.

Did he really not care about what others thought? Did he really not care about the big picture?

Said looked behind. “I want to be alone with someone outside. Do I have to care about how others think?”

“Of course. Tongues will wag if people see you. Great Prince, I think it’s better if you head back.”

But Said came straight in front of Lin Che, blocking her way.

“No no. I just hate your C Nation’s formalities. Some of them are so cumbersome and useless. You may have high status and position, but you still need to depend on how others judge you. What’s the point in having so much power and wealth, then?”

Lin Che took a step back. “Great Prince, please have respect. Our practices may be different from yours, but since you’re in C Nation, please respect our culture.”

“Haha. I haven’t respected anything, really.” Said inched even closer as he spoke.

Lin Che’s eyes became warier. She looked at Said and warned, “Great Prince, if you come any closer, I will suspect your motives.”

“No, you don’t need to be suspicious,” Said spoke directly. “I’m asking you.”

“Asking me what?”

“Asking you to marry me. Be my concubine.”


This was the only word that flashed across Lin Che’s mind.

Followed by disgust, repulsion, and puzzlement with regards to him.

“You have three wives, while I also have my own husband. Are you kidding me?”

“I’m not.” Said was clear. He stood tall as he gazed down at her. His high and mighty demeanor seemed to be telling her that he was giving her a huge advantage.

“I am the Crown Prince and I am going to be king in the future. As for Gu Jingze, he isn’t even the house head anymore. He lost the Gu clan, so he lost his power. You can think about it now. Marry the strongest man on Earth. That man is no longer Gu Jingze. It’s me.”

What a joke.

Lin Che couldn’t help but scoff coldly.

“You’re not the strongest man. The strongest man will forever be Gu Jingze.”



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