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 Season 14

Episode 26

(The Arrival)

Wu Liulian had wanted to carry on but saw a few thugs behind Lin Che bowing to her and being courteous, almost as if they were going to kowtow to her.

“Have a good day, Sister Che. If you need anything in the future, just call. You don’t have to come down personally. We must have tired you out this time.”

Lin Che said, “Okay, you guys should go settle the urgent stuff.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Really sorry about it. But this amount of money is indeed owed, we have no choice. Forget about the interest, Sister Che. Your relative can just return slowly in installments. We don’t have a choice either. It’s not a small sum. It’s 300,000 yuan we’re talking about.”

Lin Che then took a contract out and handed it to Wu Liulian. “Liulian, you can come to take a look. This is your contract. Whatever wage you receive in the future will be credited to them.”


Wu Liulian asked sadly, “Can’t I keep a little for myself?”

“Only 10%.”

“That’s too little…”

“So you better work hard. The faster you clear the debt, the faster you can be free.”

Wu Liulian looked at the people behind. They had been so courteous to Lin Che earlier but Lin Che still wanted her to return the money. She was fuming mad internally.

But come to think about it, she could immediately go over to Lin Che’s company to be an assistant. If she found her chance, perhaps she could become a star in a short time.

For the sake of that chance, she decided not to care too much about the present for now.

She reluctantly agreed and signed the contract.

The few thugs hurriedly sent Lin Che out.

Su Fen looked on and asked Lin Che, “What is going on with them? Little Che, you’re really something. You’ve turned those obnoxious people to be so modest towards you.”

Lin Che replied, “It’s not me who’s something. It’s me begging people for this to be and it’s only this once. If you come and look for me again in the future, I won’t have any solutions.”

“Yes yes yes. I’ll give Liulian a good lecture when we get back.” Su Fen had been frightened badly by that eventful night. She wanted to give Liulian a good piece of her mind once they got home. This was so dangerous. If anything bad had happened, the rest of Liulian’s life would be destroyed.

“Oh yes, Liulian will become an assistant tomorrow?” Su Fen asked.

“Oh yes.”

“Then you’ve got to get your people to take good care of our Liulian.”

“If you wish to become the best, you must be willing to suffer the most. In our line, it’s never easy. Even if she’s here for a short while, it’s a good experience for her. Maybe it’ll help her in the future.”

“Sigh, don’t put it like that. I don’t see you going through any hardships. Aren’t you doing great now with so many people serving you wherever you go?”

“That is now. You don’t know how much I’ve been through. All the beatings and scoldings I endured, having to fetch water as an assistant. Everyone in our line has been through all these.”

Su Fen was half convinced and half suspicious. She had to go through these hardships? But one really could not tell.

Lin Che went off from there. Once she was home, she gave Yu Minmin a call.

“Wu Liulian will go over and report for tomorrow. Let her follow Cheng Yuantu and find a chance to fire her. That will do.”

“They really know how to toss their responsibility to others.”

“Yeah, I’m just afraid. Today, she called me. The next time, she might call my mother. My mother is doing well in M Nation and things wouldn’t be great if she gets harassed by her. Anyway, it’s nothing much. Just let them know in advance. It isn’t easy to get around in this industry. We just need to kill the thought and it’ll be fine.”

“Alright, don’t worry. I’ll handle it.”

Lin Che had made the arrangements and the next day, she heard the news that the interviewers already set a date.

It was indeed the tyrannical royalty who recently made the news.

She had not expected that all these royal princes would get the media riled up.

Not long, there was an overwhelming coverage and news about the profiles of these princes.

Lin Che saw people discussing at the back. “I think Prince Hammond is still the better one.”

“But I don’t think he’ll inherit the throne. He’s the third prince in line.”

“So who’s the successor?”

“The Great Prince Said has been the Crown Prince for many years.”

“Oh, he’s quite handsome too.”

“True, and he has the money. In the future, all those oil plantations would be his.”

“So handsome and rich. I wish I could marry him.”

“He already has a wife.”

“I’ve seen it. They can have four wives. He only has three, right?”

“Hahaha. Do you want to be the concubine?”

“So what if I become his concubine? He’s so handsome and rich.”

Yu Minmin heard their conversation and smiled at Lin Che. “See, people wish to be a concubine.”

Lin Che said, “But I don’t think Said’s wife has much status, and the concubines there, in general, don’t have much placing. It’s only because the concubine has given birth to many sons that she has that little right to speak, and also because her son is the Crown Prince. As for other concubines, they are not even on higher grounds than guests.”

“They don’t know it yet. You know because you’ve been there. We don’t have the chance to see how royals live.”

“Go go go. Don’t diss me. This time, will you be going to welcome them?”


“Great, I should be going as well. Because Hammond and Gu Jingze are pretty close.”

“Awesome, we have each other’s company.”

To be honest, Lin Che had never participated in a welcoming party as such.

She had specially chosen her clothes for this occasion. She picked something that made her look more dignified but not all too formal as she did not want any outsiders to be guessing.

All these were reminded by the housekeeper. After all, there must be some sort of formality in intercountry functions. Everything had to be thought out more carefully.

Lin Che looked in the mirror and the maid smiled at the corner. “Madam, you look good in everything. You don’t have to think too much about it.”

Lin Che turned around and smiled. She was indeed fascinating in any style.

“All of you lick my boots every day. I could almost believe I’m a fairy.”

“We only speak the truth. Madam, you really are looking better every day.”

Lin Che and a few maids were being merry. Gu Jingze came over quickly to pick her up, pulled her away, and headed out.

“The entourage has arrived. Said’s leading them. Hammond is within as well.”

“Alright. Do I look okay? Will the media take pictures of us?”

“The media will only take pictures of them at the airport. Nobody is allowed into the banquet.”

“Oh, then that’s great.”

If not, there would be plenty of complications.

Gu Jingming had already arranged for someone to welcome the entourage.

The group of them was surrounded by the media as they got off the plane.

The media took photographs of the princes.

There were no women in this entourage.

Gu Jingze stood at the side and explained to Lin Che, “Their concubines can’t step out and meet people.”

This further confirmed Lin Che’s earlier guess. Their concubines really had not much place.

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