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Season 14

Episode 25

(Can She Or Can She Not Do It)

A security guard’s skills were not achieved easily.

One of them wanted to grab someone but was pinned down on the ground by the security guard immediately.

Liulian saw how powerful and strong Lin Che was, and she was not afraid of the gangsters at all. Forgetting her own status, she stood up in an instant and shouted, “Hey, it’s all because you guys lied to me. Lie to me again and you will know what I’m capable of.”

A few of these thugs got beaten down very quickly while Wu Liulian stood there complacently. She was a little surprised at how things took a turn.

Su Fen hurried over to hug Liulian.

“Oh child, you silly child. What have you done? Look at yourself.”

Wu Liulian said, “It’s not my fault. It’s theirs for lying to me.”

“How can I not know you? I’ll ask you for details when we get back.”

Su Fen only wanted to hold tightly onto Wu Liulian and get away but the thugs did not forget about the debt.

“Hey, you have to return the 300,000 yuan. That’s what you owe.”

When Su Fen heard about the 300,000 yuan, her mind almost burst. How was she going to come out with that amount?

She had never come across that much money in her life.

“You…. You’re spouting nonsense. You’ve never given the money. You must be lying to us. I don’t believe you. What proof do you have?”

“We have it written in black and white. An I.O.U.”

Lin Che looked at Wu Liulian. “If you owe 300,000 yuan, you should return it.”

Liulian’s face changed the moment he heard Lin Che’s words. She gripped her own hands and said, “I…. I don’t have the money. How could I have that much money?”

Lin Che replied, “What did you do with all that money?”

Wu Liulian stammered, “I…. I wanted to be a star. I have to invest in myself if I want to be a star, right? So I invested…. If there’s an investment, 300,000 yuan is nothing, I guess.”

Lin Che folded her arms. 300,000 yuan to any common man was a few years’ worth of salary.

She still had the cheek to say it was nothing.

“Investing in yourself isn’t wrong but you’ve got to do it within your means. If you can earn that much money, then use it to invest by all means. But if you can’t take on the load, and you still use it for investing, then aren’t you seeking death?”


Lin Che continued, “Then you better think of a way to clear your debt.”

“What?” Wu Liulian said. “If I don’t become a star, how am I going to earn that much money in a short period? Even if I work, I only get a few thousand a month. I’m never going to clear the debt even in a lifetime.”

“Why not? You can go and try.”

“Damn…. You.” Wu Liulian did not dare to say more but stomped her foot and looked at Su Fen.

Su Fen answered quickly, “Of course, she can’t clear the debt. She’s only 16. If she starts clearing debt now, what about her future? Help us, this amount of money… We can’t return it.."

Lin Che said, “How can this be the way? It’s a responsibility to return money owed. It’s justifiable. We may not agree with them charging so much interest but we can’t deny them of their 300,000 yuan. That’s not right. They’re humans with heads and bodies. To be able to get around in B City means they’re not that ordinary. If I have a good reason, I could probably still have a talk with them but I have no good reasons so how am I going to dispute?

Su Fen had seen it for herself. It only took a moment for Lin Che’s men to bring the opponents down. How could they not manage it?

“Little Che, remember that we are relatives. Are you really unable to help? If you have the power, just help us. Do you really want to see Liulian’s life get destroyed?”

“I really wish I had the power but, I can’t let you not return their 300,000 yuan right?”


Su Fen had some words that she could not say. Like how Lin Che was loaded. Couldn’t she help them out?

Just then, Wu Liulian thought of something and immediately suggested, “How about I work at your studio and clear the debt? Can I?”

Lin Che squinted at Wu Liulian and saw her face beaming. It was obvious she was hatching a plan.

“We have no lack of people in our company. There’s no suitable position for you even if you go.”

“I….. Can’t I be your apprentice?”

“Apprentices don’t get paid you know.”

“Ah, how harsh.”

“It’s like this. We provide food and lodging, but no pay. Unless you happen to get a role or work elsewhere.” Lin Che said factually.

Wu Liulian deliberated for long before saying, “Then, how about the assistants of those celebrities? Can’t I go to be an assistant? I see you guys getting assistants every day. There should be a lack of them right?”

They were indeed lacking assistants because it was not easy to get them.

Lin Che frowned. “Fine, if you can do it, then give it a try.”

Wu Liulian smiled when she heard that.

Being an assistant meant she could get close to the various artists in the entertainment circle. Perhaps she could get a chance for herself.

Lin Che looked at her and shook her head.

The thugs looked on. They had already discussed it. What were they going to do? They were not going to accept their money getting returned slowly.

“Lin Che, what do you mean? The money can’t be returned slowly. We need to feed our families too alright?”

Su Fen got nervous when she heard them. What should she do if they did not agree?

Lin Che replied, “Second Aunt, you guys leave first. I’ll talk with them.”

Su Fen quickly took Wu Liulian out with her.

When the two had left, Lin Che looked at the thugs in front of her and said, “You have to know that your interest is also illegal.”

A few of the thugs replied, “There’s no such thing as legal or illegal on our side. They’re all rules. Go ask around as this is how we operate. What are you trying to do? You’re a celebrity so go be a celebrity. Don’t bother yourself with our matters.”

Lin Che had no choice but it looked like she had to draw out her own connections.

She said, “Alright, since you said it’s how you guys operate, then I’ll call upon someone from the streets as well.”

“What? Whatever you say is of no use. What someone from the streets…”

“Does Black Eagle count?”


“Black Eagle yeah, don’t tell me you don’t know who’s Black Eagle?”


After a while.

Su Fen waited outside with Wu Liulian.

Wu Liulian asked, “Can Lin Che do it? Those people are powerful.”

Su Fen replied, “Didn’t you see it just now? Those guards of hers are so powerful.”

“But those are gangsters who operate on the streets. These guards can only beat them at the moment but they can’t fight against the actual power these gangsters have on the streets. In front of us, Lin Che could have pretended and acted like she was in control. But now that we’re out, what if she can’t handle it?”

Just then, the door opened and Lin Che came out.

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