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Season 14.

Episode 24

(I Just Want To Be A Celebrity)


At this moment, Lin Che rushed over.

“Second Aunt, why are you here?”

Upon seeing Lin Che, Su Fen was a little dazed.

How had Lin Che found out?

She had snuck here in secret.

Had the kindergarten informed Lin Che?

This kindergarten was so nosy.

Lin Che had arrived so quickly. She was way too protective of her child. No wonder he was spoiled so rotten.

Su Fen hastily smiled and said, “I found out that he studies here and came to visit. This kindergarten is really big. It’s probably very expensive to study here, right?”

“It’s alright.” She smiled.

Su Fen said, “It’s good to have money. Look, you get the best of everything. If our child could study at a school like this, I would no longer be worried about her now. See, it’s all because our family is too poor, so we’re hindering her future. There’s nothing I can do about it, so I wanted to find a way out for her. That’s precisely why I came to B City.”

Lin Che smiled and asked, “Really?”

Su Fen said, “Look at how fortunate Niannian is to be able to study here. You must be grateful to your mother for being spending so much effort on you.”

Gu Shinian said, “Of course. I’m able to study here all thanks to my mother.”

He thought to himself that Su Fen still did not know that this kindergarten was built by their family.

This place was very good and very expensive. It was precisely because their family had the resources to obtain any educational facilities they wanted and were also willing to spend any amount of money to get it.

Su Fen said, “See, if you let your cousin sister go there…”

Before Su Fen finished speaking, her phone started ringing.

She was still using an old phone model. But when she arrived at B City, she first bought an iPhone for Liulian while she continued using an old model.

Seeing this, she hastily picked up the call. “Liulian…”

“Are you Liulian’s mother?”

“Ah, I am…”

“Your child owes us money now and isn’t returning it. If you don’t return the money, we will immediately throw her into the brothel to earn back the money.”

“Where… Where… Where are you?”

The person at the other end of the line gave her the address. The moment she heard it, she knew that it was not a good place.

Su Fen was so frightened that she could not even hold her phone properly.

“Little Che, Little Che. Quick, go and save Little Che. I can’t let her be ruined by them. She’s my only daughter…”

This Wu Liulian. What exactly had she done again?

Hearing this, Lin Che said to her, “Don’t be anxious. Where are they now?”

“They called it ‘Demonic Charm’ or something.”

It was quite a famous nightclub.

There were many gorgeous beauties here. Many of them could also be taken away for private transactions.

Lin Che knew about that place because she had heard about it in the news over and over again. But because no one knew who was the mastermind behind its operations, it continued to stand tall.

Lin Che said, “I’ll get someone to go over and take a look first.”

“Thank you so much. Little Che, you’re our family’s savior.”

“Don’t worry. I can’t let anything happen to her here.”

Otherwise, anything that happened outside would be her problem.

Lin Che immediately instructed her men to head to Demonic Charm first and stop those people before they actually did something to her.

In Demonic Charm, the gangsters were currently touching and kissing Liulian without the slightest scruple.

They were left only with the last step but they still had to hold her ransom to get money, so they did not do it.

Liulian was genuinely disgusted to the core. She felt so terrible at being touched that she was about to die.

“You guys… you guys let go of me. I really don’t have money.”

“We’ve already called your mother. If you don’t have money, you’re going to be thrown to have sex with people. Hmph. You look alright. You’re young too. I reckon you’ll be able to return the money in a short time. Hahahaha.”

“Don’t… Don’t do this… I don’t want to sell my body.”

“You don’t want to go? But you were the one who borrowed so much money from us.”

“I… I can pay it back, really.”

She had actually gone back and sneaked out some things from Lin Che’s villa, planning to sell them.

However, no one in the black market even dared to buy these things.

The moment they saw them, they knew they belonged to someone else. They would dare to buy them only if they had a death wish.

She was really about to die from anger, but the only thing she could do was secretly return the items.

Thereafter, she thought of borrowing from the loansharks only when she was left with no choice. She did not think that she would fall into their trap.

Just then, someone outside suddenly said, “Someone is here for her.”

“Huh. Your mother came quite quickly.”

However, after going out, they saw a few bodyguards walking in. “Where is she?”

Their legs immediately went a little soft. These people… were here to look for that woman. How did that woman know these people…

Didn’t she just come from another part of the country and had no family here?

“In… Inside…”

The bodyguards went in. When they saw Liulian on the ground with her clothes disheveled, they immediately pulled her to her feet and went out.

“Hey, you can’t leave. She hasn’t paid back her debt yet.”

“How much money does she owe?”

Just then, Lin Che arrived.

When they saw Lin Che…

Their eyes immediately lit up.

Thereafter, they looked at the person on the ground and thought to themselves that it was unexpectedly Lin Che. In that case, they were sure to get their money.

“She owes us three million.”

“Ha.” Lin Che asked, “I’m asking you how much she owed before the interest started accumulating.”

“Eh, you don’t have to bother about that. Anyway, she owes us three million now.”

At the side, Su Fen looked at her daughter’s battered state and felt her heart ache terribly.

“Oh no, my Liulian. Why do you owe them so much money? What did you do, you…”

“I… I…” Liulian herself could not be more regretful.

She simply had her mind set on becoming a celebrity. Initially, she had thought that it did not matter even if she had to sleep her way up the ranks. But after trying, she realized that she could sleep with the directors just because she wanted to.

Thus, she pretended to be a very wealthy and generous young lady who wanted to snag a role. When those people saw her spending extravagantly and being so generous, and that she even stayed in such an expensive villa, they actually believed that her family was wealthy.

But all this required money.

After she had spent all her money, she didn’t dare to ask her family for more and could only go and borrow from the loansharks.

Initially, she had thought of it as a kind of investment. She had thought that she could return them the money after becoming a celebrity.

But the interest had now compounded…

She had borrowed 300,000 in the beginning. It had suddenly become 3,000,000…

She had never seen this much money in her entire life.

Lin Che looked at them. “Fine. You won’t say it, right? I’ll take it that it was three dollars with compounded interest.” As she said this, she threw three dollars straight onto the ground.

When they saw this, they wondered what she was doing.

“We’ve returned you the money. We’ll take her away.”

“Hey, you… Lin Che, you can’t be so unreasonable. If you do this, we have to go somewhere and talk this out with you.”

Lin Che chuckled. “It’s because you guys who didn’t tell me.”

“300,000 dollars. She owes us 300,000 dollars. With interest, it’s now 3,000,000 dollars.”

Hearing this, Su Fen said furiously at the side, “Why don’t you guys go and rob?”

“Country bumpkin, what do you know? These are our rules,” they said disdainfully to Su Fen.

Lin Che said, “Sure. If that’s the case, it’s 300,000 right? She’ll return it slowly in the future. We’ll take her away first.”

“Ha. Not one dollar less. Otherwise, forget about taking her away.”

“Oh? We’ll see if I can take her away.” Lin Che waved her hand and the bodyguards around her immediately went up to them.



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