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Season 14

Episode 23

(This Child Was Too Intelligent)

Meanwhile, Lin Che was leaning backwards and reading the script when she heard a maid outside say, "Madam, Little Young Master informed us that your relative went to the kindergarten to visit him."

Lin Che paused and put down the script in her hand. She looked straight ahead and thought to herself that these people were seriously so shameless it was frustrating.

Lin Che said, "Get someone to watch them. Ill go there now."

"Yes. Madam."

Su Fen had investigated for a long time before finding out that Lin Ches child was studying in this kindergarten.

She was thinking that since she had not managed to win favor with Lin Che, so she could probably succeed if she tried it with the child.

After all, the child was not yet sensible. He would speak well of them if they just treated him well.

Furthermore, they could butter up to his parents through the child.

Many people truly treated their children as the apples of their eyes. Praising her child was more effective than any kind of flattering.

Thus, she came to the kindergarten early in the morning.

She looked at the kindergarten from a distance. She immediately felt that this place seemed different from the kindergartens back home.

This place was so huge. It looked extraordinarily spacious.

It looked like the only senior high school in their area, and it was even a key institution.

The buildings inside were like palaces. This kindergarten was probably very high-class.

They had been in B City for some time. Thus, they now had their own understanding. Although they were still in awe, they were no longer that surprised.

However, she was stopped when she went over. She looked at the security guards at the entrance. Every one of them looked particularly solemn and professional. She hastily said, "My relatives child studies here. You can consider him my grandson. I came to visit him."

"Who are you here to visit?"

"Oh, his name is Gu Shinian."

Gu Shinian

Their eyes twitched unconsciously.

Great. She was looking for their Little Young Master.

They definitely did not remember that Little Young Master had such a relative.

Su Fen did not know that these people were all security guards of the Gu family. They were despatched here directly in shifts.

"Lets go over and ask."

Someone saw Little Young Master immediately after going in. They did not have to go through the teacher and usually asked Little Young Master directly for instructions. Mr. Gu had permitted this as well.

Thus, they basically did not inform the teachers and went straight to Gu Shinian to tell him about it.

Gu Shinian proceeded to look outside and saw Su Fen.

He instructed them in a low voice, "Tell my mother about this first. Ill go and deal with them and see what theyre thinking."

He actually found it quite interesting. Otherwise, he would ignore them too, especially when these people still treated him as a child. It made him feel even more like he was pretending to be a pig in order to eat a tiger.

After hearing his instructions, they immediately followed them. They were already used to Little Young Masters higher-than-average intelligence, so they abided by his instructions very obediently.

Soon, he arrived outside.

When Su Fen saw Gu Shinian in the lobby, she immediately walked towards him with a bag of snacks.

"Niannian, good gracious. Grandmother is here to see you."

"Huh? Youre not my grandmother," he said.

There were wrinkles on Su Fens face when she smiled. "Your grandmother is my younger sister. Since your grandmother isnt here, Im similar to your grandmother, right?"

"My grandmother looks much younger than you do."


Su Fen had been bluntly insulted.

She thought that children were generally not tactful with their words. On top of that, he was from a wealthy family, so he must have been spoiled. That was why his words were so unpleasant.

But Su Cen was indeed much more beautiful than she was. The last time she had gone home, she had also seen how young she looked. She seriously did not know if she had turned into a demon. She was already so old, but she still seemed like a young girl.

It was simply because she was rich, so she maintained herself well. As for the poor people who worked in the fields every day, of course, they would not have the time to look after their appearances.

"Look. Grandmother brought a lot of delicious food for you."

Gu Shinian glanced at the food. She had brought snacks like discount packs of crackers.

Typical children would definitely like eating them. But he was not an ordinary child.

He glanced at her and said, "My mother says Im not allowed to eat snacks."

"Good gracious, Grandmother is here. Your mother wont see you eat it either. Its fine, come and eat."

"Especially snacks from strangers."

"" Su Fen asked, "How can you call me a stranger? Didnt I go to your house to eat the last time?"

"Oh, by the way, are you still dragging out your stay in our familys villa?"

"" Su Fen said unhappily, "What does a child know? How can you say were dragging out our stay? Were relatives. Anyway, no one stays in your house, so thats why we were allowed to stay there."

"In that case, how much rent do you pay? The rent there is very expensive. If you stay there, we wont be able to rent it out."

Su Fen paused. How did this child know about rent and all that?

He must have heard the adults talk about it.

She said, "Well, your family is very rich anyway. This paltry sum of money is nothing to you."

"One months rent is probably a few hundred thousand. How can we not care about it?"

Su Fen immediately froze. "How can it be that expensive?"

"You can go and ask. That area, that villa, and on top of that, its interior. We even have maids going there periodically to clean the place."

Su Fen was suddenly at a loss for words. But she found it strange. Wasnt this child only a few years old? Why did he know so many things? He looked so overbearing too. His face did not have an ounce of the innocence that a child should have.

"You Youre a child, you dont understand."

But was that place really that expensive?

A few hundred thousand. To them, that was truly an astronomical figure.

But if that were so, she genuinely felt even more reluctant to move out.

She looked at him and said placatingly, "Our family is very poor. Your family has everything you want. You can just tell your mother to take pity on us. Wouldnt that be fine?"

"Oh. Our family has another apartment. Its enough for you to live in. You can move there."

"Huh? That wont do that apartment is so small. Our family has so many people"

"That one has a lower rent. Four thousand a month. You should be able to afford that amount."

"We still have to pay rent?"

"Of course. Even among brothers, accounts should be settled clearly."


Su Fen was genuinely about to die from anger. How could this child be so stingy?

Su Fen said, "In that case lets put this matter aside first. If we have money, of course we will want to pay you rent. But we dont have money. Why dont you tell your mother to let your aunt be a celebrity? All of us are relatives. Lets earn money together. If we earn money, you guys will benefit from it too."

Gu Shinian chuckled. "To be a celebrity, you must see if you have the appearance of a celebrity. That little aunt doesnt look like a celebrity at all. Do you think anyone can be a celebrity?"

"Hey, why do you say such unpleasant things? Were your relatives."

"Its because were relatives that Im telling you the truth. You dont want to listen to lies either, right? This is the truth. If I lied to you, I would tell you to go ahead. Wasting all that time and getting nothing in return. Wouldnt I be harming you?"

"You you. Who taught you these words? Hmph. Did your mother teach you them?"


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