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Season 14

Episode 22

(Just Because Im Gu Jingyu)

Gu Jingyu’s powerful stature instantly made this tiny private room seem even more cramped.

Chen Jian immediately asked through gritted teeth, “Gu Jingyu, what are you doing?”

Gu Jingyu scoffed. “You’re the one who spread those rumors in school?”

"No No" Chen Jian wanted to deny it. But when he looked at Su Wan on the other side, and then at the woman beside him, he abruptly changed his mind and said unyieldingly, "Why? I was the one who spread those rumors. Besides, isnt what I said, the truth? What I said is the exact truth. Why shouldnt I be allowed to say it?"



Gu Jingyu walked towards him step by step. His pressing gaze was like a sharp knife that would coldly cut a bloody gash.

His fatal gaze instantly made Chen Jians face fall completely. The woman beside him, who had just been behaving arrogantly, also followed suit and went dead silent. Her mouth was half-open as she looked at Gu Jingyu.

How terrifying

Gu Jingyu asked, "Do you need me to explain why?"

Did they need him to?

Although it was a question, it was a rhetorical one.

Why? Just because he was Gu Jingyu.

It was not allowed if he did not allow it. Whether or not it was the truth.

If he prohibited it, they were not allowed to spread those rumors.

But Chen Jian even dared to ask why?

Gu Jingyu scoffed and looked at Chen Jian. "Thats right. Youre right. The rumors arent false either. Su Wan is my woman. So what? If I say youre not allowed to spread rumors, then you cant. No one has the right to comment on matters involving me and my woman."

Gu Jingyu looked at him. "Haha. Are you angry because she didnt choose you? Im going to ask you here. Who would she choose between me and you? Do you think you can compete with me? Obviously, she would definitely choose me. But you, youre just a pest. Yet you dare to covet my woman, and you even dare to go around spreading bad rumors about her."

Chen Jians face looked as if he had just been viciously hit.

Right now, his expression looked so terrible that it could not get any worse.

Gu Jingyu said, "Ill give you a day to clarify the rumors. If I still hear anything bad about her, you may not know the consequences, but I dont mind giving you a taste of it then."

Gu Jingyu could not be bothered to even touch him and simply scoffed.

Chen Jian genuinely wanted to curse at him and punch him properly, but damn it, he did not dare to.

After all, Gu Jingyu had the Gu family to back him up. He was the Third Young Master of the Gu family. Just by lifting their legs once, that family could cause the entire C Nation to shake. He did not dare

Indeed, he also did not yet know what the consequences of offending a figure as prominent as him were. But he was sure that he absolutely would not be able to bear the consequences. Thus, how could he dare to?

Not saying a word, Gu Jingyu pulled Su Wan to her feet. Then, he turned around and walked out.

Chen Jian watched the door close with a thud. He sat there in a complete daze.

The woman beside him was in a momentary trance before she quickly sat down as well.

"What? Was that person earlier Gu Jingyu? The person whos sponsoring Su Wan is Gu Jingyu?"

Chen Jian did not speak and continued staring blankly.

"No way. How can Su Wan have such good luck?"

Good luck?

Chen Jian immediately looked up. "You, get lost!"

After being shocked by his vicious expression, the woman subconsciously backed away a little.

But why did she have to back away?

"Hey, whats wrong with you? Why are you venting your anger on me after being bullied? Hmph. If you feel indignant, you can go and take him on." The woman immediately stood up and walked out angrily. For a moment, she felt that Chen Jian was truly incompetent.

However, indeed, who could compare to Gu Jingyu?

Any woman would choose Gu Jingyu.

It was a pity that not every woman had the sort of luck that Su Wan had.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Chen Jian immediately remembered something. "Whatever you saw today, pretend you saw nothing."

He did not want others to know that he was no match for Gu Jingyu and that Su Wan had not gotten together with him because of this. He selfishly found it extremely embarrassing.

The woman turned her head with an expression of reluctance.

It was such a hot piece of gossip. She genuinely wanted to tell everyone she knew.

Chen Jian said, "You heard what Gu Jingyu said earlier. If you dare to spread the news, he has ten thousand ways to make you die a terrible death. If you want to oppose a member of the Gu family, then you can go ahead. When that happens, I definitely wont be able to ensure your safety."

The woman immediately recalled Gu Jingyus expression earlier, causing her heart to tremble all of a sudden.

How hateful. Such a good piece of gossip but she could only keep it in her heart?

Gu Jingyu pulled Su Wan out. He was basically dragging her out.

He released her only when they arrived outside. Leaning against his own car and not caring if there were people around, he first took out a cigarette and took a puff.

Su Wan looked at him. She recalled his earlier words and turned her head away, saying dryly, "You why did you casually say that Im your woman"

Gu Jingyu said, "I said it. So what?"

What can you do about me?

His eyes were clearly saying this.

Su Wans face immediately turned red.

She was fuming with rage, but she did not in fact know what she could do about him.

She could only purse her lips tightly. "What can I do to you? What do you think I can do to you? Thats right. Youre the Third Young Master of the Gu family. The king that all your fans protect. What can I do to you?" Her voice deepened as if she was mocking herself. "As for me, I have nothing at all. Im just a lonely woman whom no one wants. I have nothing. What else can I do to you? I have to judge your response even when Im refusing to be your woman."

Hearing this, Gu Jingyu looked up.

He threw down his cigarette, pushed her directly against the car, and looked at her. "Am I making things that difficult for you by asking you to be my woman?"

"Im not willing to, so youre making things difficult for me!"

"Why? I can give you whatever you want." Gu Jingyu did not understand. Was he worse than Chen Jian? Clearly not. But why was she so adamant?

"What I want is a peaceful life. Can you give me that?"

Gu Jingyu paused.

There was no such thing as a peaceful life in the Gu family.

Furthermore, did she mean that she wanted him to marry her?

That was not quite possible.

He released her.

Su Wan smiled coldly. "In that case, let go of me. Ive already paid you back what I owe you. Its time for you to let me off, right?"

When Su Wan was done speaking, she pushed him away, turned around, and said, "Im still grateful to you for helping me earlier. Although youre also the one who spread the news in the first place."

Her side profile had a faint sadness to it. Despite the fact that he had caused her to suffer a lot, she seemed to have gotten used to such suffering.

Anyway, she was already used to grinning and bearing it.

After returning home, Lin Che heard Gu Jingze having a telephone conversation with Hammond. Hammond said that he would be coming to C Nation on a visit as well.

Furthermore, the entire C Nation was already making preparations to receive a visit from Di An.


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