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Season 14

Episode 20

(Pay Attention To Su Wan)

Yu Minmin said, "Going on Wednesday."

Lin Che said, "Over at Hollywood in America, I wonder if he would meet the person hed want to meet."

Yu Minmin smiled and replied to Lin Che, "Are you talking about Ah Bi?"


Yu Minmin answered, "Youre really too concerned for them. However, it also depends on their fate."

"Weve already done whatever we could. I only hope Xue Yang will work hard once hes there." Lin Che thought of something and asked, "How long will he be gone for this time?"

"Probably a few months. Although he doesnt have many lines, hes one of the supporting characters. He has scenes from the start to end, so he needs to be present and the filming will probably take a longer time."

"Alright then."

Yu Minmin was planning the next TV drama with Shen Youran.

Lin Che happened to see that Su Wans name was in the list of nominees.

Inevitably, she thought of the issue between Gu Jingyu and Su Wan.

Although Gu Jingyu did not specifically say anything, their relationship was definitely not as simple as it looked.

Lin Che looked twice and asked, "Did Su Wan come for an audition?"

"Yes, do you still remember her?"

"Of course I do. Look out for her, I think shes not bad."

"Alright, Ill listen to you. If you ask me to take note, Ill take note."

"Dont put it this way. I just want you to take a little note, not asking you to go through the back door."

Yu Minmin said, "Of course I know. Im just saying I trust your judgment. Youre good at seeing how people are."

Lin Che replied, "Thats only because Im lucky. But come to think about it, I think whoever can get along with us also has a good character. Thats why we can collaborate."

Yu Minmin thought that made some sense.

"Then Ill look out for this Su Wan."


Su Wan had actually not gotten any notice. The staff had told her to wait for the results after she had gone for the audition.

Going back to wait for the results would mean there would be no results.

Just then, someone entered the dormitory. It was Wan Fangfang.

She shouted, "Awesome, I was successful at the audition held by Lin Ches studio."

The others in the dormitory heard and replied, "Is that so? Congratulations! Youre going to be famous."

Su Wan turned back to look at her. She did not know that someone else from the dormitory had gone for the audition too.

But that person had already gotten an answer, and yet she still had not gotten any news herself.

"Hey, I think theres someone else from our dormitory who went for the audition too." After some of them celebrated, they thought of Su Wan.

There was not any bad blood in the dormitory. Although not the best of friends, they still had things to talk about.

However, ever since that one time when Su Wan was framed by Su Zhan and was up against Lin Ches advertisement, resulting in being on the news, everyone had been saying she was up to something. They were not happy about her being on the news so quickly and started talking behind her back. Then, Su Wan had moved out to live with Gu Jingyu for a while and also got into Lin Ches drama team. Everyone started to ostracize her after these events.

Su Wan could not explain that she was being bullied by Su Zhan even until now. Even until that day, rumors were being spread about her. She was the first young mistress of the Su family and now, it seemed like she was an illegitimate child, with a bad reputation and as if she had no placing in the Su family. On the other hand, Su Zhan had taken away her power, her endorsements, her identity of being a young mistress, and all of her reputation. She was having a better life in the Su family day by day.

All of this started with that year It started with that guy who died because of her.

She had been kidnapped that year and he had gone to save her. Nobody would have thought that in the end, she was saved but he would not return.

At that time, he was still Su Zhans boyfriend.

But only she knew. When she was kidnapped, he had personally said to her, "Su Wan, youre the one I love. I recognized the wrong person back then and ended up confessing to the wrong person. Ive always been at a loss, not knowing how to explain to Su Zhan, and have procrastinated until today. When we get back, Ill tell everyone that I want to marry you."

However, he did not return in the end.

She was the only one who knew about this secret.

She closed her eyes and hugged her book, preparing to head to her bunk.

"Hey, were talking to you. Did you take part in the audition? Why are there no results?"

Su Wan replied, "Im waiting for the results."

A few people started laughing. "What are you waiting for? If there are no results after so long, that means you have no part in it."

"Didnt you get the part just by walking past the other time? Now, you cant even pass the audition. How is it so?"

"Do you still need to ask? Its obviously because her performance couldnt make it the other time."

"Acting skills are probably too poor for consideration."

Su Wan tightened her grip and did not reply.

Lowering her head, she was uncontrollably frustrated. She knew that there were probably no results. It had been so long that what they said was not wrong.

However, she had honestly anticipated and thought that with their previous collaboration and with her performance not being too bad, they might continue working with her. But, it was not so.

A little disappointed, she sat there reading her book and a call finally came on her phone.

"Is this Miss Su Wan?"

"Yes, I am."

"We are the production team of Allure and we hope you have the time to come down for a discussion."

Su Wans heart skipped.

Allure That was the project of Lin Ches studio.

Su Wan had already thought she had no chance.

The rest were still chatting and had not noticed her.

She quickly got ready to head out.

Once downstairs, she saw Chen Jian walking over instead.

Beside him was a woman very close to him.

Chen Jian did not look good. His face was calm but that calmness turned into rage when he saw Su Wan.

Glaring at her as though he was full of hatred.

Deep down, Su Wan did not feel happy. To think they had been good friends in the old days, and now it had become animosity. Why?

It was all because of Gu Jingyu. Because of Gu Jingyu

She thought about what to say as she watched Chen Jian walk past.

However, Chen Jian was seething with contempt and disdain, glaring at her.

Everyone in school knew that Chen Jian had proposed to Su Wan. But until today, Chen Jian had been in arms with another woman. What was going on?

Everyone guessed as they witnessed this situation. The woman in Chen Jians arms knew about the matter. But because of Chen Jians familys wealth and her liking him as well, she readily got together with him. She did not bother about the matters between him and Su Wan.

Seeing Su Wan at the side and with Chen Jians look of disdain, she leaned more into his arms.

"Isnt this your friend, Chen Jian? Why dont you say hi?"

"Oh, I dont have a friend like that. That kind of woman is not fit to be my friend."

"Huh? What kind of woman?"

"A woman incomparable to you, in any case."

Once the woman heard this, she leaned in delicately and looked back flamboyantly at Su Wan.


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