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Season 14

Episode 19

(To Be Considered Back Home)

He returned back inside and his consorts came asking about his well-being.

"Great Prince, today was really too dangerous."

"Get lost! Said looked coldly.

The consorts dropped their things in fright and went inside.

He scoffed, "You people cant wait for me to die eh? If Im dead, your sons will become the new ruler eh?"

At that moment, the grand consort and his mother walked in.

"How is it that Ive heard you were nearly bitten by a tiger today?"

"Mother, its just an animal. Ive already ordered for slaughter."

"Ive told you from the start not to rear these sorts of beings, and you wouldnt take my word."

He looked ahead, lightly holding onto something. He thought, "But that woman today was really intriguing."

"Woman? What woman are you interested in again?"

"The woman that Gu Jingze brought."

The grand consort was stunned. "Youre saying. Ah, that is Gu Jingzes wife. Yes, he wouldnt bring other women, only her. What do you want to do? Dont be rash. Gu Jingze adores her, so be careful not to get into trouble."

"Gu Jingze? Now that its only a tiger with a broken tooth, theres not much use for it. Hes no longer the head of the Gu Clan, so whats there to be afraid of?"

The grand consort stood in front of him and looked at him threateningly. That cold-looking face made Said flustered in an instant.

"Dont forget. You were almost eaten by a tiger with a broken tooth today."

Saids face stiffened.

"Hmph." The grand consort said, "You better be honest these days. Hammond is more convincing than you on the media now, and its all because of your nonsensical doings all the time."


Said paused slightly, gripping harder on the thing he was holding onto.

Lin Che watched the people move the chairs and let out a big sigh when she was out. "I didnt think I would earn a chair like this on my trip here. Can I melt it when I take it back? It makes me feel guilty if I sit on it."

"Since its gifted to you, you can do anything you want with it. However, the craftsmanship is exquisite. This chair took a year to be completed. Are you sure you want to melt it?"

"" Lin Che looked at the "extravagant" chair.

It was a wonder what the Great Prince was thinking.

"Alright, then well just let it sit at home."

Soon, they returned to their accommodation.

Hammond had been waiting for them.

Seeing Gu Jingze return, he went over to ask, "Did he say anything?"

Gu Jingze nodded his head. "Relax, there wasnt any action."

Hammond said, "Then thats good. I was worried he would be hostile to you. Weve been pretty close recently. He may have been wary."

"The Old King is still around. Whats he anxious about?"

Hammond replied, "Recently, there are rumors that Father is receiving treatment for cancer in secret. Perhaps, he has believed them. In any case, I dont. The Great Prince is the successor and perhaps hes being impatient. I personally feel that this is only news let out by Father, just to test us."

Gu Jingze pondered. "I thought you guys have plans to go to C Nation in the near future?"

"Thats right. Weve started preparing and liaised with your oldest brother. We should be going over soon."

"Will you be going?"

"Perhaps, it depends on Fathers arrangement."

"Alright, if you arrive, let me know."

"For sure."

He raised an eyebrow and looked at Gu Jingze, "Then, I wont hinder you from having fun with your woman any longer."

Gu Jingze turned back to look at Lin Che, and said, "Ill return home first."

Hammond gave him a fist bump. "Okay. Youre blessed. She has the looks and she is thoughtful. Quite interesting eh."

The look in her eyes or the mention of her dressing up and appearing as a vixen the other day was really interesting.

Gu Jingze gave him a look, turned around, and pulled Lin Che away.

When she returned home with Gu Jingze, Lin Che felt a little bored. Having arrived in Di An, she did not even go for a nice stroll but went straight to the palace and got busy for days.

At the company.

Yu Minmin looked at her ring and said, "It really doesnt match up to your statuses. Where is your wedding ring? You should wear that."

Lin Che replied, "Thats too precious. Im afraid I might lose it."

"Ha, your family doesnt lack the money. Still afraid of losing it Why not die being a miser?"

"Ill be happy to. Were no longer the head of the clan, theres not much prestige as we had in the past okay?"

"I dont think so for one bit."

Yu Minmin continued, "Say it, is your Gu Jingze hatching a plan? I just feel that a person like him who is so smart, would not let the Gu Family take something away from him so easily. He has no advantage anymore. Is he thinking about beating all of them down the day when the King arrives"

"Youve been watching too many TV shows." Lin Che slapped her chest.

"Hey, youre really" Yu Minmin shook her head. "Isnt it so?"

Lin Che ate while she spoke. "I really dont think so, and Ive never thought so. I think its pretty good now."

"Tsk, tsk. Looks like youve been pampered by your husband until youve become silly. With your husband around, you dont think about anything anymore, do you?"

"I dont need to do the thinking in the first place, ha."

Lin Che was still upset about making a wasted trip to Di An.

Yu Minmin replied, "Dont be greedy. You went straight to the palace for a nice visit. Thats the most luxurious place in Di An, isnt it? That unbelievable architecture in Di An cant even compare to those in the palace."

Lin Che answered, "Please, whats so fun about the palace?"

"The worlds richest royal palace. Hey, you can ask others if you dont believe me. Not everyone can enter, nobody can enter, in fact. And you could just walk in without a care, many would envy."

Lin Che said, "Their Great Prince is really a pervert And they would be here to visit soon. You should be able to see for yourself then. Really quite a pervert."

"Ah, coming to visit eh Oh, thats great. Let me ask Gu Jingming if he can get me a place to have a look. I thought I heard them say that their prince is quite handsome?"

"His looks are not bad but hes really quite a pervert. You dont know, really"

"Of course I dont. Because the one who went there is you."


Yu Minmin said, "Now, youve even seen the worlds most talked-about royal clan. Thats why I said you shouldnt be greedy. However, Gu Jingze is quite something, taking you along for a days tour at Di An. When are they coming? I really want to join in the fun."

Lin Che replied, "I dont know. Anyway, its soon."

Yu Minmin replied, "Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. I recently took on a few Hollywood movies for Xue Yang. Not a lot of features, but I can give it a try."

"Oh, really?" Lin Che perked up and continued asking, "Whens that?"


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