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Season 14

Episode 16

(The Relationship Amongst The Royalty Is Very Complicated)

"Isnt it because he got kicked out of the Gu family and is no longer the head of the family that he doesnt have such great ostentation anymore?" The First Prince Said snorted.

"Dont spout rubbish." Consort Masa reminded him. "This man is deep and unfathomable. Be careful not to offend him."

"Mother, youve been too careful in your entire life."

"Being careful is the most important thing. How else did you get to keep your status of being the successor to the throne?"

Said didnt agree with her views. He looked at Gu Jingze, narrowing his eyes slightly.

He saw the beauty standing next to Gu Jingze. She had a figure that was different from the women here. She looked skinny, but not weak. She had a pair of big, black eyes, that appeared very energetic.

They reminded him of black pearls that emitted an alluring and mysterious gleam.

"This woman who is she?" Said asked a servant next to him.

"I heard that she is Mr. Gus wife and that he adores her a lot. He had left the Gu family because of her, breaking things off with all of his relatives."

Said felt even more surprised after hearing this, and he took a long look at that woman.

He couldnt say if what Gu Jingze did was worth it, but in their opinion, it was definitely not worth it for them to lose the throne for a woman.

"Hey, Gu." Said walked over.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze turned and looked over together.

Gu Jingze said, "First Prince Said, its been a while."

"Thats right, its been a while. Come, there are too many people here. Lets go to the garden at the back."

"Okay." Gu Jingze took Lin Ches hand.

They held hands, appearing very intimate as they walked. More and more people arrived, and it seemed that there were quite a number of ladies as well. However, they didnt mingle with the guys but sat at the back, their faces covered up by their scarves.

At the back, Lin Che looked at the beautiful fountains.

However, she suddenly sensed that a yellow object suddenly dashed right up to her.

Lin Che was given a shock, and while she was in a stunned state, Gu Jingze had already stood in front of her with a flash.

It was a surprise.

Only then did Lin Che saw that the thing that had dashed over was anything else, but a lion of beautiful color.

The male lion appeared very huge and caused her to feel a little stunned when it appeared with a flash.

After all, this was the first time that she was looking at a lion from such close proximity.

"Oh, Orsay." Said looked at the others with a gaze that was full of despite, smiling as he beckoned the lion over to him. He turned and smiled very calmly, clearly showing his despise toward outsiders.

"I apologize. The servants must have not taken care and let it out. But his teeth have all been plucked out and he isnt very aggressive. Weve been keeping him at home and he is still young, only two years old."

It turned out to be true that the people here kept lions.

Lin Che watched as he stroke the lions mane. When he looked at her, one of his brows were raised, as if he appeared to be very proud.

Lin Che snorted.

He stared at Lin Che. "You didnt get scared, right?"

Lin Che said, "Its just a wild beast and doesnt have much intelligence. Whats more frightening is the human heart. The human heart has been through so much, so how could it fear a wild beast that has a pure mind?"

"Ha, is that so?" He beckoned with his hand. "Then you can come over to take a look and touch Orsay."

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che.

Lin Che was really not scared. With so many people here, even if the lion attacked her, thered definitely be someone who could shoot it to death immediately. Moreover, the most important thing was that since he told her to touch it, he must be prepared as well. Otherwise, if anything happened to her at his place, would he be able to answer to things?

He walked over.

Said watched as the corners of his lips curled up. Lin Che put out his hand to touch the lion, undaunted.

"Be good, dont be so naughty next time and appear so suddenly. Youll frighten other people because of your big size, isnt that right?" She stroked the lions mane.

The lion was indeed very tame. He looked at her like he was a big cat, rubbing against her hand, smelling it, and even licking it.

Lin Che felt itchy from his lick and started chuckling.

Said smiled even more meaningfully when he looked at her.

By this time, Gu Jingze had already walked up to Lin Che.

"Alright, stop playing with him. If you like, Ill bring you one next time."

Lin Che shook her head. "Forget it, whats the meaning of doing so? Lions are only lions when left in the wild. If kept in the courtyard, itd be no different from a cat."

Saids gaze flickered.

Was she being sarcastic?

Heh, other than being Gu Jingzes woman, this woman didnt have any other status. To think that she would still dare to be sarcastic toward him.

Gu Jingze pursed his lips and said to Lin Che, "Then forget it."

"Moreover, we still have Prince. If we get something else back, Prince will be angry." Lin Che leaned against Gu Jingze, appearing affectionate yet calm.

It was an ordinary action, but Said was a little surprised by it.

His wives wouldnt appear so spoiled.

It seemed that Gu Jingze really did dote on her.

Said said, "Its rare for you to come, but to think that you didnt stay for long, and Hammond was the first to play host as well. I wasnt told about this at all. This cant do. You must come to my place as a guest tomorrow."

"Wouldnt that cause you trouble?"

"You arent showing me face if you dont go. Why? Hammond can play host to you but I cant?"

Gu Jingze looked at him.

He also looked at Gu Jingze.

After a while, Gu Jingze nodded. "Alright, since youre putting things this way, its true that Ill have to go."

Said smiled.

He looked at Lin Che and said, "Then well see each other tomorrow."

Lin Che frowned, feeling very off-putted by his gaze that had an air of superiority.

This First Prince wasnt as likable as Hammond.

When they went back, Gu Jingze clearly shared the same sentiments as her. He didnt like Said.

They greeted Hammond and then told him about their agreement to visit Said.

Hammond asked, "Is the First Prince trying to put on a demonstration to me? Why? Is there a problem for you to be on good terms with me?"

Gu Jingze said, "Well see how things go tomorrow. Ill go back first and make some preparations."

"Alright, dont worry. He definitely wont be able to do anything in the palace."

Lin Che followed Gu Jingze out.

She said, "Are Hammond and Said not on good terms?"

"Saids mother is the consort, but Hammond isnt even sure who his mother is."

"What do you meant that even he isnt sure"

"The men here can marry four wives, so the King has four consorts. However, other than the consorts, there are also many concubines, as well as women he knew outside. Once the women give birth, they are chased away, leaving the children behind. The moment he was born, he was handed to the Third Consort to be brought up by her. He doesnt know who his mother is."


"Its just that the consorts family background is really too good, and they dont care about such relationships either. Therefore, such relationships are given well wishes. The consort had also given birth to five children."

Lin Che found this to be very amazing, and a little hard to adapt to. This was the first time she got to know that this was how things were for the royalty here.


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