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Season 14


(Encountering Disturbances During Filming)

It was all because she was good at creating the news, and had the reputation as a movie queen. However, in this show, she, Cheng Huanhuan, was the boss!

At the beginning of the show, Lin Che brought the dazed Gu Shiyuan, who went around eating and drinking and having fun. Gu Shiyuan could get along with anyone and was easy to take care of. As long as she was given food, she’d be very happy.

Everyone likes Gu Shiyuan, especially the other mothers, who would try to get close to Lin Che every now and then. It was also partially because they were thinking that Gu Shiyuan was Gu Jingze’s daughter, the young miss of the Gu family. Moreover, she also had a big shot as her mother. If they wished to get into Lin Che’s good books, they should start with her child. Therefore, they treated Gu Shiyuan especially well, often saying that she was very adorable and beautiful.

Cheng Huanhuan felt even more annoyed at this, and privately told her child, Da Fei, “See that? She’s a young miss from a rich family. They have more money than we do, to begin with. Everyone really likes rich people. If this goes on, your position in the first place will be snatched.”

Da Fei was only a six-year-old child. Having become popular at too young an age, he developed a strong pride. Although he still didn’t understand what it meant to be popular, with so many people crowding around him every day and his family treated him like a little emperor, he still felt a little different.

In addition to the influence of Cheng Huanhuan, he felt that people were treating him like so because he had gotten popular. The thought of not becoming the center of attention made him felt terrified, and he didn’t wish for his position to be snatched away from him.

Da Fei was very angry after hearing Cheng Huanhuan saying this and then looking at Gu Shiyuan.

When they were having their meal, Da Fei purposely sat next to Gu Shiyuan. Seeing that she was eating, he placed something into her bowl.

Although Gu Shiyuan was still young, she would still call out loudly for her parents over simple things like that.

This was especially when eating meals was a very sacred thing to Gu Shiyuan. They were eating such good food, so how could it be allowed for dirty things to be put inside? Although she was a glutton, she was still a child who liked cleanliness.

Therefore, Gu Shiyuan cried out loud, “Mama, someone put something inside. My food is dirty now.”

Lin Che turned back and saw Da Fei making a face.

Lin Che looked at Da Fei then said, “Alright, Brother Da Fei is just playing a joke with you. Let’s get a new bowl of food, alright?”

“Alright.” Gu Shiyuan nodded docilely. Seeing this, and knowing that the cameras were still filming the entire thing, Cheng Huanhuan immediately went over and said, “Da Fei, you mustn’t joke with your younger sister like this. Apologize to her. Do you hear me?”

Da Fei was unwilling to do so. He turned his head and said, “I didn’t do it. It wasn’t me. She purposely said that it’s me.”

Cheng Huanhuan frowned. “Da Fei, be honest with mama. Did you do it?”

“It wasn’t me.”

Lin Che said, “Forget it. You can ask him later on after this.”

The child would feel humiliated when questioned in front of so many people. It was better to ask him slowly in private later on, taking into consideration the child’s pride. This was what Lin Che thought. However, Da Fei started bawling as he said, “I didn’t put it in. You guys can’t accuse me."

Seeing that he was bawling away, Cheng Huanhuan started scolding, “Da Fei, you’re the oldest, so you must be well-behaved. Who would accuse you? She’s only three-year-old, so how would she accuse others?”

Da Fei cried, “Why wouldn’t she? Her family is rich, and so is she, so everyone will listen to what she says, not believing me. I’m just not as rich as she is.”

Lin Che was a little shocked. This child was still so young, so how could he say something like this?

If he hadn’t heard the adults saying this, why would a child know if someone was rich or not?

Cheng Huanhuan pretended to remain calm as if this had nothing to do with her. She coaxed the child and said, “That’s enough. Who told you that? It’s all the same regardless of whether one is rich or not. Even if you’re rich, you can’t buy the whole world. She can’t do anything to you even though she is rich. What are you crying about?”

Lin Che frowned. Was she saying this to her?

Everyone watched from the side, feeling a little awkward. One of the involved parties was Lin Che, the other one was the person who had the greatest authority and popularity on the show. They didn’t wish to offend either party and could only try to pass things off. “Alright, the child is just talking nonsense. Let’s all just continue with the meal.”

Lin Che looked at Cheng Huanhuan, and Cheng Huanhuan intentionally wore a solemn expression, not looking at her.

Lin Che smiled and said, “That’s right, Da Fei. No matter how rich my family is, there’s only so much we can spend. In life, the amount of wealth one has isn’t the most important. What’s most important is one’s personal charm. If you have personal charm and you carry yourself well by being graceful, then you will be the center of the world no matter what, always being the best. Isn’t that right?”

Da Fei turned and looked at Lin Che, but didn’t like her. A child’s dislike was very simple. He felt that Lin Che’s appearance had threatened his position, and thus didn’t like her. No matter how nice she tried to be to him, he still wouldn’t like her.

Da Fei turned his head and let out a snort.

Hearing that, Cheng Huanhuan thought that Lin Che was really good with her words. She felt that Lin Che had intentionally sounded so lofty because she knew that there were cameras filming them.

Cheng Huanhuan said, “See, what auntie is right, isn’t it? Da Fei is the best, so don’t cry anymore.”

The other mothers naturally understood that Cheng Huanhuan was trying to make things hard for Lin Che, purposely saying that she had used the money to buy everything that she had now.

Everyone also felt that Cheng Huanhuan had gone a little overboard. No matter what, she shouldn’t have used her child to do this. But this was someone else’s child, so it was up to her on how she wanted to make use of him.

It’d be best for them to stay away, and not offend either of the two.

After this episode was over.

Cheng Huanhuan felt that the influence wasn’t good and quickly ran to look for the production team.

“Although we’ve filmed this, it’s still better not to air it, isn’t it?”

The production team had worked with Cheng Huanhuan for so many years, and naturally knew what she meant by this.

This time around, it was clear that Da Fei’s action would make others dislike him. She immediately wanted it to be cut out.

For the sake of the entire show, the production team also didn’t wish to lose this mother and son pair, who was very popular. They could only agree to it.

However, they still told Cheng Huanhuan, “Don’t go and provoke Lin Che unnecessarily. She isn’t someone to be trifled with.”

Cheng Huanhuan let out a snort. “Alright, I got it. She’s Mrs. Gu, she’s rich, and I can’t afford to offend her. But I can still avoid her.”

Seeing her attitude, the production team couldn’t say anything else. There was a limit to what they could say.

The group moved from the city to a village. The meal together at the start was just the beginning. The experiential activities in the village were the continuation.

All the celebrities carried a lot of luggage with them.

Out of them, Lin Che brought the least stuff. Considering that they were going to a village, the things she packed were simpler, with a greater focus on things for her daughter.


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