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 Season 14


(Aren“t You Going To Attend the Parent and Child Program?)

Gu Jingze asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m talking about your Weibo…”

“Why? I can’t do that?” Gu Jingze’s voice sounded very calm.

Lin Che said, “I’m not saying that you can’t. I’m just saying… why did you suddenly get the idea of opening up a Weibo account?”

“I find it fun.”


Gu Jingze smiled. “Isn’t it good? If they wish to see, then we’ll upload and show them. After a while, they’d get bored.”


Lin Che thought about it for a while and eventually could only come up with a conclusion. He just wanted to see people going crazy.

Lin Che said, “Alright. But don’t read the comments…”


“There’s no reason for it. I’m just saying that there’s nothing worth reading from the comments section. It’s true. Moreover, many people are very boring and would start scolding. It’d make you feel bad if you read it. However, after they finish scolding what they want to, they don’t need to take any responsibilities. Thus, it’s better to not leave any comments.”

Lin Che randomly opened up his comments section and realized that it was really…

His comments section was really completely different from hers.

For hers, there were people who would say anything and everything, and she also had a lot of fans and defamers.

But Gu Jingze’s…

Going through his comments section was like taking a stroll through a brothel.

Everyone was saying, “Quick, hubby, f**k me.”

“Hubby, I want to be entered from behind.”

“Hubby, I’ve already washed up and am laying down, ready.”


Lin Che was very speechless when she saw this. However, she knew that everyone was just joking so she didn’t feel angry.

She was just crying out in her heart that this was so unfair. Why was there such a great differential treatment for men and women!

It wasn’t that Gu Jingze wanted to do anything. He just felt that if he continued to hide at the back, then everyone’s gazes would all be on Lin Che. The amount of pressure she had to be put through would be too great.

If possible, he was willing to use this method to divert some of the focus onto himself and lessen the pressure that Lin Che was going through.

With a place for them to vent, people wouldn’t all go to Lin Che to ask her. That should help to share a part of the pressure.

It was true that this method was effective.

The number of fans that Gu Jingze had suddenly surged. From the comments, it was clear that many people had gone off to Gu Jingze’s account to ask him questions and prank him. Lin Che could finally have a break. At this moment, Yu Minmin called.

“It seems that the response to Gu Jingze’s Weibo account opening is quite good.”

Lin Che said, “What response…”

“To bring the attention over to him. Didn’t you see it? There are probably fewer netizens scolding you online now.”

Lin Che paused. She seemed to understand why Gu Jingze had opened a Weibo account now.

She was still wondering why Gu Jingze would suddenly think of making their relationship public. He had always been used to keeping a low profile, and there hadn’t been any photos or private personal information about him online.

He was definitely not the sort who would want to run off to enjoy the feeling of becoming a celebrity.

So this was the reason.

Lin Che felt slightly warm inside.

Yu Minmin said, “Actually, think about it. You should take this matter more in your stride. Since everyone knows about this now, then we’ll just publicize everything clearly. If there are no secrets for them to pursue, it might be easier for you.”

Lin Che said, “That’s right. Gu Jingze said the same. He said that once everyone has seen things, and had enough, they would lose interest.”

“That’s right. There has been a parent and child program recently. Do you want to bring your children to the show?”


Lin Che said, “So this is what you actually wanted to ask?”

“Hehe… I’m just trying to kill two birds with one stone. With how handsome your Niannian is, if he attended parent and child reality shows, he’d definitely be able to mesmerize a lot of people. It’s really such a pity that he’s not a celebrity kid when he’s so handsome.”

Lin Che was speechless. She asked, “What parent and child show is that?”

“This one has been popular for a few years now— Mama Brings Me to Travel. Everyone will jointly bring their children out to play. The season for this year will be starting very soon. Someone just called to ask if we want to participate. I felt that it wasn’t a bad idea and thus came to ask you.”

Lin Che said, “Bringing my children out on a show… I’ll need to think about it and ask what the children think.”

Yu Minmin said, “I’m just saying that you can consider it. Aren’t the paparazzi around that kindergarten your children are attending as well? The reason they keep watch every day is because they want to take photos of your children’s faces. Why not just reveal them yourself? This will let them have nothing else to catch.”

Lin Che acknowledged this. After hanging up the call, she thought through things. This was how it was when things were exposed. There’d be a large pile of troublesome matters like this.

However, thinking about it, what Yu Minmin said made sense as well.

The children’s faces would be exposed sooner or later. These paparazzi who didn’t have any conscience won’t care if they were children or if they wished to be exposed.

When Gu Shinian and Gu Shiyuan came back from school, Lin Che called them over to ask them about this. Unsurprisingly, Gu Shinian didn’t like the idea. “You’re not referring to the reality show where a bunch of children play together?”

“I have no idea either… It’s just one that will bring you to various places to experience life and to travel…”

“No need. I’m not interested in these things. It’s so childish. If you want to go, just bring Shiyuan.”

“Why bring Shiyuan…”

“She’s still so foolish and young. She won’t understand what this is for.”


Was there anyone who would scheme against their younger sister like this?

Lin Che looked at Gu Shiyuan, who, as expected, was wearing an innocent look.

Lin Che pulled her over and asked, “Shiyuan, do you want Mama to bring you to go on television?”

Shiyuan blinked her eyes. “To dance? Sing songs? Shall we sing Little Apple together?”


Gu Shinian immediately chipped in, “Yes, yes. You’ll be able to sing Little Apple all you want.”


Gu Shiyuan cried out loud, “Yay! Alright, I’ll go with Mama.”

Lin Che looked up and glared at Gu Shinian. He was really good at scheming against others.Gu Shinian raised one of his eyebrows as if saying, See, I told you so.

Lin Che looked at Gu Shiyuan. She picked her up and thought about it. That night, she called Gu Jingze to bring this matter up with him.

Gu Jingze said, “If the children have no objections, then I don’t have any either. We’ve already made everything public anyway. Since they want us to show off to them, then we’ll show them. These things wouldn’t matter anymore.”

Lin Che smiled. “You’d drive them to death from anger like this.”

“En. Isn’t this what they wanted to see?”

That’s right. Therefore, he just posted one word: Buy. Then, countless people started crying how he was really rich and willful. Sigh, it was really frustrating to have someone flaunting their wealth like this. Yet, all they could do was to accept things and smile!

Lin Che thought about it. Since Gu Jingze agreed to this as well, then she could go give it a shot and see what the production team was like.

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