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Season 7


( No One Dared To Hope For It At All)

The next moment, the sound of Ji Cheng taking a deep breath could be heard followed by the sound of things clashing.

“How… how much did you say?” Ji Cheng dug his ears, asking in disbelief.

Don’t blame him for being so dumbstruck, having a reaction of a hick who had not seen the world; after all, the number mentioned by Lu Man mentioned was too terrifying.

If it really reached that number, the future movies would not be able to break that record let alone the currently airing and past movies.

“7 billion!” Lu Man quickly checked the real-time rankings of the box office collection on her laptop. “Right now, Red Tiger has reached 5.9 billion, by today it can exceed 6 billion. If there was no Attack Force, Red Tiger’s popularity would have actually fallen with its box office collection being 6.2 billion at max. But that is normal and as expected since there are only a few movie enthusiasts in the country and those who would go to the theatres must have watched it already, leaving no space for the box office collection to go up.”

Ji Cheng nodded in agreement, that was quite normal!

But then Lu Man let out a sly smile. “However, don’t we have the altercation with Attack Force now? Yesterday, Bourbotte and Wang Qianyun’s derisive words have angered the citizens of our country. No matter whether they have watched Red Tiger or not, they would definitely not want Attack Force to do well. So now we need to benefit from their hatred towards Attack Force by making Red Tiger popular again.

Yet, Ji Cheng still felt that it seemed impossible for the box office collection to reach 7 billion.

It was not that he did not have the guts to dare to think so big, it was just that no one would dare to have such extravagant hopes at all.

Only Lu Man dare to!

Thus, Ji Cheng really admired her.

This girl, why was she so amazing!

No wonder Han Zhuoli did not like women who went after him and only doted on Lu Man so incessantly.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Man went to the study and started devising a publicity plan, and in the meantime, she waited for Ji Cheng to transfer the money for promotion expenditure.

Carrying two cups of freshly brewed coffee, Han Zhuoli came over and offered her one. “What are you busy with?”

“By exploiting the hatred of netizens towards Attack Force and leveraging their patriotic support towards Red Tiger, we can promote Red Tiger and trample on Attack Force till they are pushed into the ground.” Lu Man took a sip of the coffee, and gave a cold hmph. “We will teach that Hollywood team a lifetime lesson; if they want to earn our money, they have to follow our rules and keep the citizens pleased. If they think they can insult and step on us while wanting us to contribute towards their profit, no way anything good would ever come to them.”

However, the next moment, Lu Man raised her head and smiled sweetly at Han Zhuoli. “Just like what you said, teach them how to be a human.”

Han Zhuoli happily lowered his head to kiss her lips. “If there’s anything you need me to do, feel free to give me orders.”

Suddenly, Lu Man wrapped her arms around his neck and took the initiative to kiss him just when he was about to move away.

Yet when Han Zhuoli wanted to deepen the kiss, Lu Man pulled away.

When Han Zhuoli opened his eyes, he saw they sly, foxy smile on Lu Man’s face.

Han Zhuoli gritted his teeth. “Are you messing around with me?”

“You messed around with me first,” Lu Man grinned at him.

She had thought that he was going to deepen the kiss and she had been ready for that, yet he just pecked her, making her all flustered and giddy for nothing.

Looking at her grumpy face, Han Zhuoli laughed. “Are you saying that I didn’t kiss you deeply and long enough?”

Seeing Han Zhouli’s darkened eyes, Lu Man instantly felt that something was wrong and hurriedly wanted to deny it.

However, luck was not on her side as Han Zhuoli grabbed her nape and kissed her fiercely.

At the same time, he carried her up from the chair with one hand, and sat himself down on the chair before placing Lu Man on his legs.

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