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Season 7

Episode 10

(Leave Some Face For Yourself)

This man seemed alluring and handsome no matter what he did.

His long, slender, manly fingers were holding a pen and the scene in front of her was as pretty as a picture.

Now, even Zheng Tianming wasn’t polite to her anymore, and grabbed Wang Qianyun’s arm, wanting to chase her out.

Naturally, Wang Qianyun resisted a bit, making Zheng Tianming almost insult her as he said, “Miss Wang, why don’t you leave some face for yourself. CEO’s office is not very soundproof.”

Looking at Zheng Tianming’s face that was full of hate and disdain for her, she shrugged away his hand and walked away.

The very next moment, Han Zhuoli coldly threw away the fountain pen in his hand. Although Wang Qianyun had left, her perfume still lingered around, disgusting him.

He then sniffed himself, and it seemed that Wang Qianyun’s perfume lingered on his coats too.

Thus, Han Zhuoli immediately called the cleaners and had them clean the office once, and left the windows open for the smell to go away.

Although Wang Qianyun went down the stairs and walked to the exit of the Han Corporation, looking up she could see Han Zhuoli sitting in the office, she was clearly day-dreaming.

As for Han Zhuoli’s girlfriend, whether he was lying to her or not, if there was really someone he liked, she had to investigate deeply!

Han Zhuoli better be lying to her!

If there really was someone in his life, she wanted to see what kind of woman could occupy his heart!

Zheng Tianming returned and informed him. “CEO, Miss Wang has already left.”

Han Zhuoli nodded, and he was about to have Zheng Tianming take his leave, but changed his mind at the last minute, and called him over. “Come here.”

Zheng Tianming walked over and was dumbfounded upon hearing Han Zhuoli ask him, “Do I still have the smell of Wang Qianyun’s perfume on me?”

Zheng Tianming: “…”

“Is there or is there not!” Han Zhuoli asked loudly.

“There isn’t anymore,” Zheng Tianming said helplessly.

Yet Han Zhuoli raised his hand again to sniff himself before letting Zheng Tianming go.

Once his work for the day was complete, Han Zhuoli was about to fetch Lu Man to go to the premiere together when Zheng Tianming barged in. “Regarding the fact that Wang Qianyun is producing the Attack Force movie, I’ve managed to investigate it.”

At that moment, Han Zhuoli had already changed into his clothes for the night, and had a suit on. He asked him, “What’s going on?”

“Maxus Company knew that we were discussing with other companies and became a bit anxious, they did not want to lose the market in the country, and wanted to dive in as well. Moreover, they wanted to grab the opportunity presented by Attack Force to work with us. I don’t know how Wang Qianyun managed to make the higher-ups of Maxus believe that she is very familiar with you and has an especially good relationship with you in private life too.

Zheng Tianming had already guessed that this was probably because she related to Wang Juhuai.

After all, Wang Juhuai and Han Xijin were good friends, and this was very simple to confirm.

Wang Qianyun being Wang Juhuai’s niece, naturally, it was easy for people to misunderstand that she and Han Zhuoli were childhood friends and thus had a close relationship.

“Originally, the list of producers for Attack Force did not include her, but Maxus Company wanted to use her to help bridge the gap so that they could work with us, and thus they added her at the last minute, letting her take one’s share of the loot,” Zheng Tianming said.

Removing the creases from his suit, Han Zhuoli responded calmly. “All right.”

He has a mocking smile on his face as he put on his cufflinks; Wang Qianyun dared to advance in the company using his name.

Since he dared to do this, he would leave her dumbstruck.

At night, Zheng Tianming left together with Han Zhouli for the premiere.

Xiao Chen was already waiting below the company.

Because Lu Man’s classes were in the afternoon today, by the time she finished lessons it was already 5 p.m, and there wasn’t much time left for the premiere so she waited at school.

Although she did not stay in the dormitory, Zheng Yuanshi and Pan Xue and Han Leilei shared the same dormitory room, so Lu Man went to their room to change into her clothes for the premiere.

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