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    👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

  EpIsOdE tHiRtY-tHrEe

     She had made up her mind to tell him how she had always felt about him

   "David! "She called him again advancing towards him
  He wondered why she was calling him 

      "What happened to Ariana? "was the first question that he asked as he saw her

  That's the only thing she might be looking for him
  He was apprehensive, Maybe something happened to Ariana 
   "What happened to her? "He repeated changing her mood

    She turned sour, her hatred for her friend increased immediately 
   How can he ask her of Ariana and not about herself? 

     "She's okay, I wanted to say... "He walked out on her
   He had to go check on Ariana to know how she was faring, he don't trust Gabrielle's visit here, he won't take chances this time, 

  He was afraid something bad might happen to Ariana just like how his sister died.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw them together heading for home

   They were holding each others hands too
  He groaned getting more angrier... 

Ten years ago, 

   Chloe and David were little kids then 
   Chloe was sick, he broke his arm after a fight with a bully in school for the sake of David

   So he had a broken arm and he fell sick
   Their doctor had treated him and he was okay and he was staying by his side

   "Chloe don't get sick, don't die,"he told him and he nodded without words

   "I don't want you to die "he repeated weeping on his bedside as Chloe played with his hair

Those were many years ago, he gulped hard... 

    "Can I take you out on a date tomorrow? "He asked Ariana as they held hands going home 

  She nodded her head 

He beamed in excitement
   "Thanks"he said excitedly leaving Ariana confused by his action

   "Why? "

"For being my girlfriend "

   He brought her head closer to his mouth and planted a kiss on her forehead... 



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