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    👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

ePiSoDe ThIrTy-TwO

      He disengaged his lips from hers and smiled widely 
   She was his girlfriend now, he touched the back of her hair before scrolling his palm up and down at the back of her hair

   She wasn't still sure if she wanted this 
  But then,maybe he loved her... She thought as he hugged her wrapping his hands around her back

  She was soft like she had no bones
  It felt like he was floating being around her 

He will take things slow, he won't stop loving her... He tried promising himself that 
   School dismissed for the day and Ariana grabbed her bag before waving to her friend who had requested to leave earlier before her

    She wanted to tell her that she had a boyfriend mysteriously but held herself... Maybe tomorrow she would tell her

   "Tomorrow "she said and Ariana nodded 
  She smiled sighing when someone stood behind her

   She turned and saw Chloe standing, she felt shy because everyone wasn't gone from the class yet

  The students were surprised to see Chloe in their class
  They wondered which girl had he caught into his net this time until he stood behind their nerd, their curiousity was immediately answered.

They began hissing and leaving the class behind for the both of them 

  She smiled at him 
  "Why are you here? "She asked and he smirked taking off her glasses again 

It had almost become his habit each time he's around her 
   "Uhm... I missed you"

"When we just parted 4 hours ago"she said not still used to the relationship ladder

   "Four hours you say! That's like eternity"he said slightly shivering and staring at her making her smile the more till her smiles turned into a giggle

   "Chloe stop that, why are you here? "She asked again, she can't still believe that he would miss her 

    "Because I missed you and I want to walk home with you"he said softly and she melted the more by his words

    There was truth in his eyes... She thought beaming the more 
  Someone loved her and she is someone's girlfriend too

   "Me too"she mumbled and Chloe beamed feeling like shouting to the whole world but held himself 

   He shouldn't get over excited yet about his new relationship 

   David angrily threw pebbles into the pool feeling so defeated again
  How could she be so cheap! How could he get her so easily? 

  He wasn't fast enough to take her heart away before Chloe did
   So, all the stories he told her the other day was a waste then? 

  I thought she loved me

*I want to help you

*here take this plasters 

*Thanks for saving me twice

  Her voice replayed in his head and he cursed the day he became friends with Chloe

    He was still thinking on that when he heard a very soft tiny voice call him

   "David! "She called and he turned his face to her

   It was Gabrielle, Ariana's friend



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