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      👦A head boy and a nerd 😎

Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE tHiRtY-oNe

   Chloe's heart jumped immediately he heard her say that she would be his girlfriend 

     "Can I kiss you? "He asked her and she was unsure of what she wanted 

Maybe a kiss, after all she was his girlfriend now

    "Yes"she said and he lowered his chin to her lips and gave her a soft wet lip kiss

    David left immediately he saw him kissing her
It was of no use, he had won again 
Three years ago

   "What do you think you are doing Chloe? I love Nuella and your know it! "David had yelled one day when he found out Chloe kissed his crush someday on Monday

    He was so upset as he spoke to him
   "Chloe chose me David"he tried explaining to his friend but David will never hear that 

He had tried all he could to abstain himself from his friends girlfriends and he can't even abstain from his crush

  He was deeply pained, it was not right at all
   He felt like crying, Nuella was his first love

    "But I told you that I was planning on asking her out soon"he explained to Chloe who didn't take anything he was saying serious

    "I slept with her yesterday "he announced and this got David more angry

  He had punched him hard on his face that he came sprawling on the floor

  Chloe wasn't expecting it at all, he wasn't 
  "What have I done! "He asked half yelling and David panted because of all the anger eating him up

  How dare him sleep with his crush like that? 

    He knew he have to let it slide because he loved his friend 
  Instead he would revenge.

Six months later, Nuella and Chloe broke up after he caught her with another guy 

  Chloe had wept and cried so hard, David had consoled him un end 
  After some weeks, Chloe got a new girlfriend and David knew that was the chance he was looking for to return the favor he did to him 

     He had been hanging around Chloe's new girlfriend Stacey until he saw Chloe coming towards them, he kissed her to the amazement of Chloe

   Chloe couldn't take it from his friend, 
  So they started fighting that instant so hard

David's sister Joanna was rushed to the hospital then, her asthma was back again with full force 

  David wasn't there with her, she had requested of him because they were so fond of each other 

It was only Gabriele who was by her side
  David was busy fighting with his friend who felt so wrong because of a kiss

    Before he could reach the hospital after he was contacted, his sister was dead! 

   She was dead and he had felt her coldness 
   It was his fuvking fault! 

 His fault and something he can never forgive himself 
That's why, David and Chloe never got along again

  To David, if he didn't fight with him, he would've seen her sister and protected from the pangs of death

   And to Chloe, he betrayed him by kissing his own girlfriend!! 



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