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     👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance

EpIsOdE tWeNtY-tHrEe


What's he saying? 

Her be his girlfriend,?? 

What kind of stupid thing is that? 

   He read her expression 

  He wanted that, any girl he feels like he's liking
  He doesn't waste time about telling the person if she could be his girlfriend and that's same he did now

   He was waiting for a very handsome nod of the head or a big yes because in his wildest dreams 

  He never thought she could ever say no to him even though she once told him how much she hated him 

   "Be my girlfriend "he repeated thinking she was short of words but she wasn't 

 She was waiting patiently for all the students passing to be out of ear shot before she yell on top of her voice to him

  That's what she was waiting and that opportunity came
   "I said be my girlfriend nerdie"he repeated for the third time winking at her and she suddenly bursted

   "What!like a cheap a$$ that I am right? Huh!! Head pad guy! How dare you say what you fuvking don't mean because you know that's impossible!!!! "She yelled and he froze seeing another madness infront of him

  He had never seen someone that angry with him just because he asked her to be his girlfriend 

   "I mean it"he said calmly trying to find his voice but she scoffed running her hands deeply into her hair causing Chloe to drool at her.

Her long brown hair which heavy blonded was so cute the way she raked her hands into her hair

     He forced himself to stop looking at her hair and focus on what she was saying

  "You mean what! You know what pad guy 
   You can have the glasses, I don't care anymore okay? I won't so please leave me alone!! "She nagged and made to go

He was hurt by her words

   "Do you hate me that much? "He asked her still holding her by her hand
   "Yes so much that I feel like my heart will burst"she replied and his heart shattered in many ways

  No one hates him like that

   "Why? "He managed to ask again painfully as his body was growing shaky 

  "Everything! You're poky! You're ruthless! You're wicked! You think highly of yourself when you're nothing! 

   You stole my pad, did you know how much I went through that alone if not for David

I ran to you so humiliated so I could take my pad from you and clean myself up and you shut me out! 


I hate guys like you alot who only think about themselves and not about others

   So I hate you!!! "She panted after speaking and he just stood froze staring at her

  She had every reason to hate him, 
   She was close to tears as events of yesterday recalled itself 

   She bit her lower lip and made to walk past but he gripped her hand tight

    "What if I change? Take your glasses"he said handing it to her before continuing in his speech "what if I change? Will you like me? "He asked and she didn't speak.

"What if I change"he repeated and she still kept her silence 

   She had said so much already and might have hurt him in some way even though she didn't mean it 

    He had not been spoken to like that in his life
  No one ever told him he is poky, not even his junior sister 

   She pushed her way out of him and left 

He grinned staring at her go, he smiled as he brought out her hair band from his pocket

  He was still with it
  She came to school the following day and everyone was giving her that strange look again and even pointing at her this time 

    She shook her head and that same time, she bumped into Gabriele who started dragging her to their class

  "What is it Gabriele? "She asked not understanding any of the treatments this morning 

    Her friend pointed to the board



  Her eyes popped out in shock, what have come over Chloe huh!! 

   She became furious not finding a way to clean the board when the whole students have already seen it





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