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       👦 A head boy and a nerd 😎

Highschool romance 

 ePiSoDe TwEnTy-TwO

   David saw her enter their class and he was busy drooling at the kind of beauty that transformed in a split of a day

   Yet, he was angered to see that she felt restless about anything that he took from her until he heard her say hairband and Glasses 

   He was enraged by that, he was trying all he could to act as a real friend 

     Chloe got up from his seat as he heard him challenge him
   "And if I don't? "He asked advancing towards him and she immediately sensed trouble between those two

   "We will fight "David replied and he smirked pushing David slightly on his chest
   "I don't have your time David, I can see she's your spec"he said grinning before he continued "but if you want to get this 
  You will have to win me in a basket ball pitch tomorrow "he said and David scoffed

 He knows that's so impossible 
  If there is someone who is so good at playing basketball 
   That person is Chloe

No one beats him in that, he's a wizard at that.
  He's unbeatable.

"You know that's impossible "he said and Chloe shrugged 

   "I see, then you can't have this back "he said and David knew he meant business

  He stared at Ariana, she really needed that glasses because from the way she was looking at them, her eyes don't seem clear

   And her hair band too because her hair is pretty long 
   Maybe acting like a real friend won't a hurt a little bit

   "You really need it? "He whispered to her as he took her aside
   She heard them discuss earlier, she doesn't want to put him into any stress, so she's willing to give that up but not her glasses 

   And he said the basket ball is tomorrow and not today 
She won't be using the glasses today so its nothing if they played the basket ball tomorrow

  She will get a new glass when she gets home
   She will manage for a whole day than allow David suffer for her

   "Leave it David, I'm fine"she said after thinking but David wasn't satisfied with her expression

    "You sure? "He asked and she nodded managing a smile which made David's heart beat faster than normal

  He wanted to watch her smile forever when she suddenly closed those lips of hers and walking out of their class

  He breathed hard thinking about what just happened to him.

She stepped out of the class and cursed Chloe under her breath when she felt soft steps behind her

  She looked back to see Chloe again
  Why is he always following her? 

   He beamed when their eyes met and he cleared his throat as he put out her glasses in his palm for her to see

   "You look beautiful without this nerd"
"My name is not nerd but Ariana!! "She corrected angrily and he smirked watching that expression on her face

   The students passing by looked to her direction at the way she was yelling at their head boy in such a rude manner

 She rechecked her self 

   "Am Ariana"she said softly and he smirked again
  "Ariana right?.. You want this glasses? "

She nodded slowly, it was her precious glasses tho
  Her birthday glasses which her granny got for her last year as a birthday gift before she died six months ago

  She can't let that go like that 

   "I can't hear you"he sneered and she nodded very well for him to see

    "Say something, what do you mean by shaking your head? "
He said and she grinned

   "I want my glasses "she said slowly and he gave a short laugh advancing towards her and she started shifting backward

  She gulped hard 

What does he think is doing the way he was coming close to her? 


What does he think he's doing? He gulped harder when her back hit the wall and there was no escape route for her anymore 

   He stepped closer and closer till he was barely an inch away from her
   "You will do anything I want? "He asked and she nodded again

  She was going to back out if its hard but now, she's got to try
   So she nodded again

   "Really, are you sure"he said staring at her lips which caught his attention at how reddish it was

    He fought hard not to kiss her 

   "I will do it"she said rolling her eyes 

   "Be my girlfriend "he announced and her jaw dropped... 



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