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     👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE tWeNtY-oNe

   She was lost staring at her mom at what she said
  Her mother noticed her expression and then added

   "I mean you're like that okay? Thank God someone likes you"

She sighed as her mom almost repeated the same thing
   "Mom I don't know what you're saying but all I know is that David don't like me okay"

  "So why did... "

"Mom am hungry, I just came back from school"she cut in at her mom who shrugged going back to her cooking 

   "Go change your clothes, fix them into the machine and come downstairs to eat"she instructed

   "Yes mom"she replied and left
   David sighed as he reached home, he share the whole house to himself since his father and mother lives abroad

  He used to share this place with his sister until he lost her
  Something he will never forgive his parents because it was due to their carelessness towards the both of them that his precious sister ended up dying

  He shoved that thought away from his head and went into his kitchen to get some food done for his empty stomach
   She didn't wait up for her mom to wake her up from sleep before she jumped out of bed and rushed into her bathroom to take a warm bath and prepare for school

Few minutes later, she was out dripping wet with a towel tying around her chest area 

  She went to her closet and dished out clothes she would wear for school

  She came downstairs after dressing up to meet her mother and father nagging at each other as usual

It had become their usual habit, they can't stay a day without nagging 

  She hissed walking past them

She will always be the last person to tell them to stop nagging or fighting each other

  They didn't even know when their daughter left for school...

Chloe hollered at his mother and ran out of the house

  He strolled along the passenger route on the highway thinking about what Ariana told him yesterday 

  He was still thinking on that when he noticed her infront of him
  She was walking sluggishly to school
It wasn't intentional but his heart beat faster when he saw her
  He hastened up to her and the first thing he did when he reached upto her was to tamper with her hairband 

   He pulled it off her hair and her hair all came down to her back
  He was hoping on seeing that beauty he saw the last time

  She turned around in anger to know why someone will pull at her hair when her eyes met his

  She fumed but before she could say anything to him 
   He took of her glasses and she flapped those long eye lashes of hers again 

    That was the beauty once again
He gulped hard staring at her, the hair and naked eyes made her look so beautiful 

   The same face he saw that day 

   "Hey you pad guy, hand me back my eyeglass and hair band
  You can't be going about causing me trouble Mr. Headboy"she snapped in anger

  He smirked 

He loved that look on her face
   "how can you go about the whole place wearing eyeglasses and tying your hair 
Huh! "He yelled 

   She was surprised 
Is he trying to seize her things again? 

    "Give me back my hair band and my glasses"she barked angrily and he shook his head

   "I'm your headboy and I'm not giving them to you! "

   "Why? "

"Because am your head boy"he retorted and brushed past her even though he really didn't mean that 

   She watched him leave, she was partially blind and could only see with the aid of the glasses 

  How would he know 

She bit hard hating him the more

Why would he just see her and take her things away from her? 
He's just a bad luck to him

She heaved half closing her eyes so she could be able to see from afar as she resumed her steps to move.

  🗣Whoa! Look at her! 

🗣Isnt she that nerd? Why is she suddenly so beautiful?? 

🗣Jeez! Beauty! 


🗣How did she suddenly become so beautiful 

🗣Maybe because she took off her glasses

  She heard murmurs as she walked past students to her class
   She didn't see Gabriele in school so she concluded maybe she didn't come to school today until she heard her call her name

   "Ariana! "She called and she turned back to see her staring at her with awe

She could hardly believe that this was her friend who looked this beautiful 
    "Why are you so b-e-a-utiful she stressed coming close to her

Ariana shrugged flinging her hair to one side of her shoulder 
   "I don't know "was all she could say

   Gabriele sighed eyeing her friend 
   She was about to say something when Ariana excused herself from her

  She guessed maybe she was going to meet David and this thought alone boiled her adrenaline to the highest point

    She left the class and made for Chloe
  All eyes were on her that she felt she was going to fall any minute 

She wasn't used to all those faces so she counted her steps so she wouldn't fall at all till she came into Chloe's class

  He was busy chatting with his friends when she noticed her appearance in the room

He expected this, he knew she would come looking for it 
   "Whoa! Who is this damsel looking for"His friend said 

   "She's beautiful don't you think? "Another added while the others nodded staring at her as she advanced Chloe

  "Is she your girl? "Another said as she stood infront of Chloe with all the anger she could muster written so boldly on his face

    "No she's not my girl but actually er... "His voice trailed off his head searching for a suitable thing to say about whom she is to him

    "Er... She's beautiful! "He admired staring at those crazy eyes of hers

    "Hand me back my hair band! And my glasses"

  "Hold on is she that nerd you always talked about"one of his friends asked him peering into Ariana's eyes

    He nodded 

"Yes she's a nerd! "

   "Hand her back her hair band Chloe "David's voice was heard in the background.... 



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