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      👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE TwEnTy

Gabriele reached home and didn't even greet her aunt which was in the living room watching a movie

 She went straight to her room and slumped into her bed crying 
    She was heart broken, she was shattered

 How can a nerd who David barely knew got so attached to him? 
  She had always been friend with David's sister before she died and he had never for once looked at her face

She liked him so much and mostly go to her friend's house so she would be able to be seeing his face but he never like her

  He never even spoke to her or act as if she was there 
  And here comes a nerd from nowhere getting all his attention 

  She cried the more remembering how David stared at her tenderly before he told them to head in

   That was so painful, she thought 
  She hissed 

Ariana is her friend but will suffer from her hand if she dares go another inch closer to him

She won't play with that, she can't! She don't think she will be able to play with that
  She disengaged from the hug and smiled to him which almost took his breath away 
  What is she doing to him? 

   "Thanks for being my friend "she said happily 
  She was so happy

she had two friends now
  Gabriele and David 

   She smiled and then waved him a goodbye as she started leaving

  David followed her from behind 
 He didn't want to part with her just yet.

Chloe sighed as he reached home
  Danielle was already back from school and was eating when he came in 

  She smiled seeing his brother's fallen face
  She was happy someone really disgraced him and his stupid face in school

  She was there when the nerd said those harsh words to him in the cafeteria 
      "Well the mighty Chloe, the crush of every of my friends was insulted by a nerd"she said laughing and he scoffed biting his lips

  "Will you shut up little witch! "He asked and she laughed the more
  She can't believe it

A whole Chloe, a head boy and every girl's speck was insulted by a nerd and he didn't say anything 


    She laughed the more remembering that drama
   "Hold on, hold on Chloe"she cleared her throat

    "See Chloe, I never thought someone will ever insult you and you didn't do anything 
  I was personally so happy "she chuckled as she said so

  This got Chloe advancing towards her
   She didn't even shift away as he saw him closing in on her.

She knew her mom was around and she would shout if he dares touch her

    "Chloe "she called in a joking way and he grinned
   "Shut up Danielle"he warned as he stood infront of her and she smirked 

   "Mom is inside "she reminded and he scoffed pulling away from her
  He didn't want any trouble from her

  He had alot on his head than picking a fight with his younger sister
   "Mom I've got two friends!! "Ariana shouted to her mother when she met her in the kitchen

  She back hugged her mom happily giggling 
   "I have two friends now mom! "

"Really? "Her mom replied as turned to face her daughter leaving the yam she was peeling 

   She nodded at her mom's question 
   "Yes mom "

"And who is that? "She asked her 
  "He's David mom"

Her mom perked up her brow hearing a guy's name from her daughter's mouth

    "A guy? "She asked to be sure and she nodded
  "Yes mom, he's a nice guy and he's handsome too
  He saved me many times... "Her voice trailed watching her mother's expression which was that of extreme happiness

   "Wow! He likes you "she said to her and she shook her head not understanding what her mother meant by that 

  "No"she said in a confused state 

"He does and am happy
   I thought you will never date someone till you leave highschool 

  I was so scared that you might be a gay"


A gay!! 

    Her eyes almost popped out
First she doesn't understand why her mom thinks David likes her and now she's mentioning gay?? 

   A gay??



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