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      👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

EPiSoDe NiNeTeEn

    Hold on 

Did she just call me wicked? 

  Oh jeez! 

He thought running after her

   He caught with her and then held her by her shoulder
   "What! "She shouted as she saw the person who touched her shoulder

    "You called me wicked? "
He asked her and she nodded

   "Yes, very wicked... You never knew that? I'm sorry head boy but you should know the truth about yourself once in a while "
She said rolling her eyes at him

      First time someone calls him wicked apart from his little sister Danielle.

He gulped hard

  The nerd is something else that he don't know of

  Gabriele sensed trouble so she excused herself from her friend leaving for home

    He started laughing painfully
  "A nerd said am wicked "he said in between laughs 

   His face suddenly turned mean
  "Do you know whom I am! "He asked in a steady face and she nodded her head

   "You're the head boy who only take girl's pads"she replied and he grinned 

   "Stop saying that nerd! "
He raised his voice at her and she knew immediately that she had gone too far in her hatred for him 

    She kept mute and checked herself 
  She was alone now and he can beat her up if she says one more hurting word to him

   He rolled his eyes painfully at her before he walked past heading for home in a heavy face

Those her words really touched him alot

   She stood where he left her unable to make any movement 
  She was harsher than she thought 

She felt guilty 

  She didn't mean to be that harsh to him but he caused it! 
  That didn't make her forgive him for making her pass through a log the previous day.

David saw her from afar and beamed as he ran to meet her 
  He cleared his throat to alert her attention to him

   "Why are you standing here all alone by yourself? "He asked when she didn't show any sign as if he was there 

She sighed and started walking away sluggishly
   He followed her 

"I hate this school, I wish I can transfer David
   Everyone hates me"

   "I don't hate you "he chipped in immediately and she turned abruptly to look at his face

   "I mean I don't have any grudge against you"he changed his words immediately and she smiled

    She sighed again
  "I understand... I can't make friends in this school except for Gabriele "

   "Arent I your friend? "He cut in again 
  It was too late to change those words he said so he shrugged 

   "You're my friend? "She asked surprised that David was her friend? 

  He nodded shyly
Being a nerd's friend 

Oh jeez! 

That's risky

He thought when she threw herself at him

  A hug!! 



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