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    👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE eIgHtEeN

   "What! You came to see Dave? Are you guys dating or something! "He asked puzzled that she didn't come to see him but David 

   He gulped hard

Was he liking her or something? Why is it that he feel so bad about it? 

     She rolled her eyes at him for the question he asked her and then left for David 

   David saw her enter the class and he smirked 
   She stopped moving when she noticed those crazy eyes all focused on her

  She began to count her steps carefully until she was close to David 

    Maybe she likes me... He thought as a wide smile spread over his cheeks

    "Why did you come see me? "He asked her and her eyes fell on the plaster on the corner of his lips

    "Your wounds? "She asked and he felt honored 
None of his friends cared about that ,But she just did.

She touched it with the tip of her finger and he feigned pain immediately 
   "Ouch!its painful! "He groaned and she fidgeted 

 "I'm sorry, I just came to see how you're doing that's all"she said and stood up to go

He didn't want her to leave yet, he wanted her to stay a while longer 

    "Why don't you stay a bit? "He suggested and she shook her head
  The eyes everyone was giving her is too much for her to bear

   "No I have to go and thanks for everything you did for me
   We will never cross each other's paths again David"

His brow perked up hearing her say that
  Cross each other's paths again when he has begun to like the kind of nerd she is

  She genuflected before walking out of the class in a haste

  Chloe followed her from behind but his trip was cut short when he heard the young teacher call his name.

He turned back and walked to the teacher's direction
  She beamed seeing him

   "I missed you "she said hugging him as they both entered her office 

He wasn't sure he really wanted this but immediately he felt his belt loosening
  He knew he would've to do it to her
School closed for the day and the two friends made their way out of the school alongside the other students 

  They chatted away and reached up to the gate to see Chloe standing there probably waiting for her

   "Oh such a coincidence that I saw you here again 
  This is where I first saw you..."

"No not see but when you took my pad "she chipped in and he grinned

    "Must you always remember that? "

"Of course"

"Why?? "

"Because you're very wicked"


   She rolled her eyes and brushed past him holding onto Gabriele's arm... 



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