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     👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

 EpIsOdE sEvEnTeEn

    His jaw dropped and the student murmured hearing what a nerd said to their head boy

   He chuckled 

    "I see,you're swimming? Is that how you speak to your Head boy huh!! "

 She adjusted her glasses digging in to her food 
   Gabriele was scared of him, she knows what he's capable of doing 

   He might throw the food to her face so she was scared she might not be able to save her friend this time

   The cafeteria was as calm as graveyard 
   All eyes were on Ariana and Chloe alone until Bella sprang up from nowhere rushing towards Ariana

    "How dare you speak to my Chloe in that manner huh!! "

    "I'm not your Chloe and I never asked for your help lady"he cut her up and the whole student scowled

🗣Serves her right

🗣She's too full of herself 

🗣She likes clinging to Chloe as if he were hers

🗣Sheesh! Such a bitvh

The murmurs continued and she felt like slumping to the ground and crying 

  Because of a nerd, she's insulted like this 
   She will have to transfer, she won't bear all this 

   "But I like you Chloe, I always did"she said to everyone's hearing and he smirked

   "Every girl here likes me,so you're not the first person to like me Bella"

   "Except me"Ariana chipped in
"I don't like you, I hate pad guys alot"she added "Gabriele let's go"


🗣Who does she think she is? 

🗣Does she fuvking think our Chloe is hitting on her? 

🗣See this chicken

🗣A silly brat 
Who is she to even think of liking Chloe? 

Murmurings were heard as the two friends stepped out of the cafeteria.

Chloe was baffled

No one had ever said that to him, and some nerd just said he hate him 
   Why would he care when he doesn't like nerds

   He was still disturbed especially when he remember that pretty face which fell into him the last time he was even drooling at her

   He clenched his fist and looked around him to see every eyes pointed to him

It made him more angrier

  "All of you to your classes before I count three!!! 


Two!! "

All of them had already disappeared even before he could count up to three

    "Don't you think you were a bit harsh Ariana? "Her friend asked her as they strolled back carefully and slowly to their class

    "He deserve it, he took my pad and made me go through a lot "she sighed remembering that day

     "It must have been hard then, I'm sorry"she apologized for no reason and her friend smiled
   David sat carefully in his class, he was chatting with his friends when he looked up to see Candy on his table

    "David I want to say something, "
She began
   "Go on"he replied as all his friends fell silent listening to her speak

    "I like you, I like you so much"she said and he scoffed 

His boyfriends and girlfriends laughed along with him 
   "And you think I care? Are you pretty? No you're not"

  "I'm pretty can't you see? "She voiced out twirling her self around for him to see

He broke up in laughter the more 

    "You're not pretty,... "His voice trailed off remembering those flappy eyelashes which blinked twice as he tried to fix his lips with hers so he could help her wake up

   Those sexy eyes and face of hers without glasses
  So Candy isn't pretty at all compared to her.

"I'm sorry Candy, you're not my type"he said and the whole class mooed at her

It was so shameful for her, her friends understood and led her away to console her

   They bumped into Ariana who was on her way coming into David's class to see him

   Chloe saw her from afar and followed her

   "Hey!want to apologize about what you said earlier in the cafeteria? "He said as he reached upto her and she scoffed

   "Why would I apologize? You should be the one apologizing"
   She replied and he felt like he was slapped on his face

    He never knew why he was playing warm to this nerd 
   Why is he warm to her, the past nerds in this school transferred because of him alone 

  So why the change with her? 
   She blinked her eye lashes twice before adjusting her glasses

   "You mean you don't really like me? "He asked her trying to be sure if she really meant what she said earlier in the cafeteria 

    "I don't like pad head guys "

Oh jeez! Another blasphemy to his ears
   "Then why are you going to my class? "

   "No, I'm not going to your class but to David's class "




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