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    👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE sIxTeEn

    "Hey Gabrielle "she mouthed and hugged her friend 
  She was so surprised to see her here

How did she even know her house? 
   "How did you come here? "
She asked her and she smiled holding onto the handles of her backpack

   "Well I asked around "she said with a wink

Ask around? She's pretty sure no one knows her around here because of her in sociable nature

   Gabrielle read her expression 

"It doesn't matter how I got here what matters right now is that am here already "she said giggling and she smiled along with her

  "Yes but its strange "she said hugging her again 

  "Mother! I'm gone for school, see you later"

"Aren't you going to eat some food? "

  "No mom, I will grab a bite in school"she replied and walked hand in hand with her friend to school.

  "Hey nerd! "Chloe cooed as she saw Ariana and Gabriele walk past him as he was standing at the school gate 

   Ariana barely nodded as she walked off but Chloe followed her
   "Nerd you know a head boy was greeting you, its rare these days"he said shrugging following her from behind until he was standing in front of them

  She hissed

"Hey pad guy can I please move"she sneered making to walk past him but he blocked her way

   "No things are not done that way"
  "Please Head boy leave my friend alone" Relle cut in politely and he smirked 

   "Friend!? "He started laughing 
"I never knew nerdie have friends"he chuckled 

   "Well unless your friend have to promise to see me in my class during break time... "

"And what if she don't?? "David's voice was heard in the background 

   "Hey David! I wasn't talking to you"
  He reminded and he smirked walking closer to them

    "Well you're actually picking on a young girl don't you think? "He replied shrugging, this time he was close to them

  "She's not some girl but a nerd! "

"So?? Ariana go to your class with your friend "David ordered she smiled at him before muttering a thanks

They both left leaving those two friends to themselves 
     "So?? Are you dating her? "Chloe asked him

"What's your business with whom I date? "

   "Ha haha, she's too innocent for you to ruin"

"And when did you become her brother? "



"What are you guys doing over there!!!! "The principal yelled seeing the both of them closing in at each other for a fight

   They both disengaged grinning as they parted ways.

"How did you know the both of them"Gabriele asked her friend 

  "Who and who? "She replied with a question 
   "David and Chloe of course, I'm so afraid of them but you are not "she said with a peering look on her face 

The later scoffed
  "David is my saviour and the other is just a bunch of fool who goes about taking people's pads away from them"she said and they both laughed 

   It was fun having a friend whom you can laugh with and here she has one too

   The bell rang for break and all the whole students rushed to the cafeteria to grab some lunch.

Gabriele went with her friend to the cafeteria 
  They picked out their lunch and sat down with the other students before all the students started disappearing from the desk till all of them were gone except for Ariana and her friend 

  She felt unwanted if not for her friend who didn't mind 
    "Thanks"she muttered in an appreciative way 

"Why? "

"For being my friend "

  She smiled dropping her fork 
  "I should be thanking you instead Ariana for allowing me be your friend "

  She smiled 
Chloe bursted out from the young teacher's office and sat down beside Ariana on the desk

   "Oh hey nerd, you're eating? "

She hissed

    "No I'm swimming"



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