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      👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

    ePiSoDe FiFtEeN

  She followed him to God knows where till he stopped at a particular location turning his face to her and making her bump into him

   Her head hit his hard chest and he grinned 

   "Mind where you go girlie nerd"he taunted and she hissed

   "Hand me back my pad! "She snapped at him and he smirked

  "Mind how you talk to me, do you know whom you're talking to? Your head boy! "

She hissed 

   He streched the hand that held the pad up in the air so her hand wouldn't reach it
  She stood on her toes stretching so as her hands could reach up to it but it was impossible 

And how impossible it was, she tripped and fell into Chloe and the both of them landed on the ground with her ontop of him.

Her hair band came lose and her glasses fell off 
   He could imagine the beauty before him

 He never knew the nerd he always loved to pick on since the first day he saw her was this beautiful

  Extremely beautiful

"Oh"she mouthed making her mouth tilt in the shape of an 'O' making those lips so sexy and kissable that instant 

  He couldn't think for a moment except for the being ontop of him
    He had never seen someone this beautiful 

But she's a nerd he always picked on
  With those glasses on and a hair band on her head
  She looked practically different from the person she's seeing right now

   She was too dazed to speak
She wanted to get up but can't 

She was extremely shy, her hair flirted themselves to her face and she seductively packed them to the back of her ear

  She blinked those long lashes of hers in a flappy making Chloe drool the more.....

     David hissed applying those plasters Ariana gave to her earlier 
  He reached up to the one shaped love and smiled

That girl must be crazy over me, he thought and gave that plaster a soft glare 
     "She's cute tho"

He remembered her sleepy eyes at the pool and her flappy eye lashes too

     She is beautiful even though she's a nerd... He thought and brought his back pack
   He plastered the love plaster on his back pack and smiled at it

   "Hey mom"she cooed pecking her mom on her cheeks and then her forehead 

  "How was school today? "She asked giving her a slight pat on her back

She sighed remembering how school was for her today 
  So terrifying 

The only thing enjoyable was that she made a friend and was able to get her pad back from that pad guy

That's all 

    You mean that's all? What about that romantic posture... Her sub conscious started rattling but she was quick to shut it out

   "You made friends"
Her mom asked and she nodded making her mom's eyes widen up

"Really? How many are they? "

"One"she said and her mom felt disappointed 

  "Well one is better than none Ariana but... "

"Mom am starving, can I have some food please "she interrupted her mom

  "Psst! Your food is in the dinning"she pointed at the direction 

"And dad? "
She asked 

"Who cares!!! "She replied shrugging as she said so
Chloe couldn't stop thinking about what happened earlier
  He wasn't sure if that was the nerd he knew

Because the nerd he saw was a totally changed one

  "Hey Chloe, not gonna eat tonight, mom is out for a party with uncle Frank"Danielle said coming into her brother's room 

   "And what did I say about knocking on guy's doors? One day you will get yourself raped by a random guy because of this nasty behavior of yours "

"How can I get raped when I already have a boyfriend "the words slipped of her tongue and she realized too late

Cupping her mouth from what she already said was out of the line
  She knows the kind of brother she has

    "Did I hear you say boyfriend at just 14 years old? Huh Danielle!! "He shouted and she jerked

"I love him so?? "She chipped in

"What did you just say Danielle"she ran out of the room hearing his brother say those and standing up coming close to her
  "Hey Ariana arent you done preparing for school? Your friend is here to see you "

"My friend? "She said to herself and hurried her hair band around her hair 

  She took the stairs downstairs and gasped at whom she saw in her house




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