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      👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE fOuRtEeN

   He gaped at her 

She hissed and then opened one plaster and fixed at a corner of his mouth

   "There you go"she said as she plastered it
   He blinked his eyes thrice at her before he pushed her slighlty back ward that she almost fell if not that he caught her by her waist

   She gasped feeling a hand grabbing her waist 

   She froze feeling those hands over and over again till he pushed her away 

  She turned and rushed her steps not knowing she just left her back pack with him

She's so clumsy and careless... He thought as she dumped her bag on the floor and made to go

  He couldnt leave her bag like that 
   The bag is so innocent... He thought and took the bag with him as he left 
She had reached up to the gate when she remembered her back pack
  She sighed and ran back to the spot she had left Chloe earlier bit he was gone! 

Oh My God! My books! Jeez! 
She bit her lower lips turning to leave when girls surrounded her

  She couldn't recognize any of them, they were different 
  It wasn't Candy too.

She was a different girl all through 

  She made to walk pass them but they blocked her
  She shivered 

She wasn't in for trouble, she don't want trouble now but she was still scared 

Scared of being beaten up for nothing 
   She made to walk pass them again but they blocked her way again 

    Bella was going to teach her a lesson for thinking of even having a deal with Chloe

    She saw them when she was plastering that on his lips and when he even held her waist

She saw that all and she was jealous
  Mad jealous that she wants to teach her a lesson she won't forget in a hurry 
  Chloe didn't go home straight, he went to a nearby store to buy her her pad and use that opportunity to put it in her bag so everything will be solved

   He finished buying them when he saw Bella and her group of friends walked past him and headed into the school building 

  He was curious on whom they were trying to beat up by the way they looked so he decided to follow them from behind.

Ariana felt so intimidated and lowly before all of them 
  She wished a saviour should just come to her rescue

Maybe David as he used to but he was long gone
   She's so dead!

She wondered what she did this time around 

   Bella stepped closer to her and raised her head up with just a fling of her finger 

   "Hey you! "She snapped as she succeeded in raising her head up to look at her

  "What did I do? "She sobered and the girls started laughing at her 

     "What did you do? "She asked her hitting her slighlty on her head repeatedly 

   "What's your name nerd? "She asked and she didn't hesitate speaking 


"Such a nice name for a snatcher like you"

Snatcher?? Is it one of David's crush? 
  Or girlfriend? She thought to herself 

   "Answer her you wench! "Briana yelled raising her hand to hit her and she shouted loudly even before the hand could land on her

   "Answer her! "She barked again making to hit her this time when a voice halted all of them from what they were trying to do

   "Bella won't you go home its late"
    He said and she turned abruptly as he heard his voice 

    "Chloe! "She called romantically running to him and he smirked

   "Chloe is she your girlfriend? Huh is she?? Answer me? "

"How's that your business and point of correction 
   I don't date nerds"he snapped and went over to Ariana 

    He made to hold her hand but she rejected his hand
  She felt so depressed 
  She's no one's type at all except Gabriele and David her saviour
    He made to touch her again but she pushed him off and this made him sigh deeply

   "I was only being generous nerd, I bought you a new pad and your back pack is with me
   So follow me to get it, I kept it somewhere "

Her brows perked up hearing him say those
   What does he mean by that

Bella panicked at what she just heard 
   The pad she was holding the last time, Chloe bought it for her huh?? 

   She boiled in anger even when her friends tried to calm her down....


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