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        👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

   ePiSoDe ThIrTeEn

    "Are you okay " 'Relle asked as she helped her friend to her feet
   "I'm okay"she muttered now on her feet and she led her away forgetting the pad that Chloe threw to her earlier on the floor

   David was the first to see it and immediately he bent to pick it up Chloe bent too

    They both held the pad together and it almost tore into shreds 
  The other will never allow the other person have it

   It was as if another fight was brooding up and it didn't last because they started throwing punches again at each other 

    Ariana was in the dressing room changing her dress when Gabrielle ran in to tell her that those two were fighting 

  She shivered and ran with 'relle to the scene 

   She gasped seeing the both of them punching at each other

A punch after a punch 

    She saw her pad packet on the ground beside the pool 
   Her eyes widened and made to go and collect it when someone started pulling at her hair

    "Ouch?! "She groaned when the pulling became too hard for her to bear

    "You caused this nerd! "Candy said as she pulled harder
   She couldn't fight back

   "You make them fight huh,! "She nagged still pulling until 'Relle came to her rescue

   And a fight broke up between Candy, her friends and Gabrielle

   Aside that, Dave and Chloe were almost at each other's throat 

Their grudge? 

No one could tell until a teacher gave a loud shout at all of them.

"The seven of you to detention! "He announced and they followed the teacher
   The seven sat facing each other and looking at the time, to know when the 12:00pm will strike so they would get out of here 

Chloe's own was worst, as a head boy, he would have to write an apology letter to the school for what happened

   Ariana sat opposite her friend 

She was grateful to have such a friend like Gabriele 
  Someone who stand up for her all the time even though they just met

She couldn't wish for anything than a healthy relationship between them

    "Thanks"she whispered and she nodded her head 

  Everywhere became silent again 
   The detention was over and everyone hissed scurrying out of the stuffy room 
   Gabrielle packed her bags and bade Ariana farewell 

  She bade her too and ran to Dave to know how he was doing
   He met him just in time as he was about to go

   She gulped hard trying to find her legs when she noticed all those senior students staring at her

     David understood that she came to see him so he signaled him to come in
   She did and she hurried to his side

  She opened her back pack and brought out a medical little plaster so she could use it to treat Dave's injured face and arm

   He saw it and was surprised on whom gave her that idea to help or is she liking him already

   She gave about ten of it to him to take care of his different wounds and he muttered a thanks 

  She nodded and walked out of the class in a haste before she will be picked on by them 

On her way going out, she bumped into Chloe who was just coming back after delivering a letter of an apology

   Her eyes were glued to the mess his face was
    "I will get you a new sanitary pad if that's what you want to say"he said thinking he read her thoughts and made to walk past her when she drew her back

   "Have this for your wounds"she said pushing three to four plasters into his palm.... 



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