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       👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance

EpIsOdE tWeLvE

    "Candy! "

"Candy! "

"What is it? "
She said hoarsely as students rushed to her side with eager faces meaning that there was a news for her

    "Haven't you been out there? That nerd and David again"

She got nervous all of a sudden
   "You mean they're together now? "She asked and they nodded

  "They are at the pool"someone said and she sprang up to her feet

They've got to be kidding her, what's wrong with that nerd? 
   Why won't she steer clear off her Dave huh!! 

  Her two other friends folowed her as she ran to the pool in a hurry to see for herself

  "Ahhhh.... "

"Oh my Chloe!I'm cumming again"she mumbled biting her lower lips as she held onto his neck tightly, her body vibrating pleasurably till those liquids rushed out between her thighs

    He pulled out of her and gave her a wicked grin
   She was so damn weak, jeez! Its only Chloe who knows how to touch her the way she wants to be touched 

   Its only Chloe who knows how to sing her rhythm
   Look at how exhausted she looked after three rounds of s3x, she looks refreshed 

   Chloe didn't mind her, he picked up his clothes and wore them even though they looked sweaty and dirty

  He will be going home if he steps his foot out of the office probably after he returns that pad to the owner

    David scooped her out of the water and placed her on the floor, she was unconscious 

   He was scared 

   She wasn't breathing, he guessed as he fixed his two hands on her chest and started pumping it 

    "Come on wake up nerdie"he mumbled at each push on her chest but she wasn't picking up

Putting his mouth into hers is such a bad idea
   He despised that thought alot but does he have a choice? 

Apparently not, how can she be so carless when she knows that she can't swim

   He waved that thought away and theb brought his lips closer to jam hers when her eyes fluttered open feeling someone's breath so close to her face
  She blinked her eyes twice making those wet long lashes flap sexily 

    He started drooling 

   He never knew nerds can be beautiful too
  The murmurs of the students closing in on them got him back to his senses as he disengaged himself from her 

   Ariana was so lost at everything 
She was wet and so cold
   He understood 

  Candy came in at them that instant and rushed to her with all her thought centred on how she was going to destroy this bitch who won't stay away from her guy

 David was quick to block her from hitting Ariana
   "Don't dare touch her"he warned and pushed her away 

  He stooped down and made to help her to her feet when Chloe busted in too

    "Well I think you have a guard everywhere you go nerd"he said sarcastically staring at the well shaped body of Ariana 

   "Done with your hundred words? "

"Done with yours too? " they asked each other scornfully 

  Chloe hissed at him and then threw Ariana the leather bag which contained her pad

   "That's your pad nerd"

She caught it in the air and peeped into it 
  It was really her pad

She beamed and was about muttering a thanks when;

     "Well what are you doing with a girl's pad Chloe? So I was right that you steal pads"David insulted and students around sensed a fight coming up soon

    "I didn't steal it"he defended

David smirked and stared at his friend's messed up cloth
   "What happened to your clothes then? "He asked and Chloe knew he was out of trouble again

  Ariana stared on at them with her body so cold as ever till her new found friend Gabrielle ran to her side..... 



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