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(Come back to me(3)

A thought struck Jean, and she then asked, "But Mond, I'm afraid that Sally will come here if she knows that Cherry lives here."

Mond thought what Jean said might happen. He knew Sally's personality well; he knew that Sally would come here if she knew Cherry was here, and she would try her best to annoy and intimidate her.

"I know. I will send people to guard this place," replied Mond.

"Okay." Jean nodded and said.

Cherry woke up in the afternoon. She got up from her bed, simply tidied up her clothes and then walked out of the room.

When she saw Jean busy in the kitchen, Cherry walked towards her.

Standing at the kitchen door, she called softly, "Jean."

Hearing Cherry calling her, Jean hastily turned her head and saw her at the entrance. She said, "Cherry, when did you wake up? I cooked chicken soup, and I'll bring it to you right away. Wait a minute."
Cherry didn't say anything else when she saw that Jean was busy. She went to the table beside her and sat down.

Cherry took a few gulps of soup and she then looked at Jean next to her. She suddenly held her hand and asked in a low voice, "Jean, have you lived here all the time?"

"Yes," replied Jean, nodding her head. When she saw Cherry was still upset, she continued with soothing words, "Cherry, Mond told me everything. You can live here and set your mind at rest. I will take care of you from now on. At present, the most important thing for you is taking care of your health; don't worry about anything else, okay?"

"Jean, I miss Joe," said Cherry, whose son had always been on her mind.

"Joe will finish his classes soon. I'll pick him up from school and bring him here, okay?" asked Jean. She was also very happy when she thought about Joe. She loved spending time with her nephew.

"No, I don't think Jackson will let him come here with you. I'll call him later and talk to him," said Cherry. She couldn't ignore Jackson's feelings even though he had hurt her. Jackson didn't blame her for running away from the Chu Family, but he would certainly get angry if she took their son away from him.

After drinking the soup, Cherry sat on the sofa in the living room. She picked up her phone and dialed the number of her son.

"Hey, Mommy," said Joe, on the phone.

"Hey, Joe, is school over?" asked Cherry. Her heart felt warm on hearing her son's voice.

"Yeah, it's over. Daddy just picked me up. I'm on my way home," replied Joe. He had no idea what had happened.

"Joe, go home with your Daddy and be a good boy. Remember to have your dinner on time, and you have piano classes tonight. Take your classes and do as what Miss Amy says, okay?" said Cherry softly.

"I know, Mommy. Daddy said that you haven't come home yet. When will you be back?" Joe's childish voice came through.

"Mommy won't go back home soon. You have to listen to Daddy at home and ask Lily to wake you up on time every morning, okay?" Cherry was still worried about her son and was afraid that no one would take care of him.

"Mommy, where are you? Can I come where you are, too? I miss you, Mommy." Joe pleaded.

"Joe, be a good boy okay? Mommy is in a bad mood and I'll come back after it blows over. Promise me you will listen to Daddy at home, and don't lose your temper, okay?" replied Cherry.

"Okay, I got it," Joe replied after staying silent for a long time.

Joe hung up the phone and looked at his Daddy who was driving, and asked, "Daddy, What happened? Mommy's voice doesn't sound good."

Joe was feeling particularly sensitive. After he had spoken a bit to his Mommy, he could tell from her tone that something bad had happened. That's why she didn't want to come home.

"Yeah, something has happened," replied Jackson, he then comforted his son and went on, "But Joe, don't worry. It's not a big deal. Daddy will resolve it."

Joe chose to trust his Daddy and knew he loved his Mommy and would not harm her. So, she would be fine.

"Okay, but bring Mommy back soon. The three of us made an agreement to live together forever. Mommy said she was in a bad mood, so we will allow her to live out of our family for a few days, but it can't be too long, or I will miss her very much." said Joe.

"Well, Joe, Daddy will remember your words and do as you said." Jackson held the steering wheel in one hand and touched his son's head with the other.

When Lily saw them coming back home, she greeted Jackson with respect, "Mr. Jackson, you are back. Dinner is ready."

"You take Joe for dinner and take him to the study after that. He will have piano classes tonight. I'm not hungry," replied Jackson, and he went upstairs after that.

Lily wondered what had happened when she looked at Jackson walking upstairs, but she dared not to ask him since he was in a bad mood.

Jackson went back to their bedroom, and felt very sad when he looked at their bed without Cherry on it. He went close to the bed and sat down slowly.

Her fragrance and scent still lay in the room.

Jackson was immersed in the thoughts of Cherry. Suddenly, he thought of something, and he called Derek.

"Hey, Jackson," greeted Derek.

"Miss Amy will teach Joe to play the piano tonight," said Jackson.

"I know, I will drop her to your house in a minute. I have something to discuss with you, and I will send her home after the lesson. Don't worry about it," replied Derek.

"Okay," said Jackson and hung up. Jackson put his phone aside and lay down on the bed. He missed Cherry and tears formed in his eyes. A pain stabbed through his heart. He had promised to take care of her, cherish her, protect and love her, but what could he do now? How could he take care of her since she had run away from him? Would she listen to his explanations? Would she give him another chance to love her?

Jackson then said silently in his heart, 'Honey, can you please come home?' He prayed to all the gods he knew of to bring her back.


  1. so interesting one of my best stories ever but not willing to i can rest. kudos to d writer, u deserve an award for this

  2. I feel for Jackson oo. The suspence is much, can you please increase the episodes. Well done



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