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Season 5


(Looking for mond(1)

While driving, Cherry balanced her phone and dialed Derek's number quickly. Derek greeted her, "Hello, Cherry." Cherry hastily said, "Derek, Jackson is now in the military residential compound. Please go there and find him quickly. I'm also driving there right now." Derek being Derek, didn't ask any questions but replied, "Okay, I will do it. I'm leaving immediately."

Cherry felt kind of relieved because she now knew that Jackson had been in the military residential compound. She felt comforted as long as she knew where he was and that he was fine. If he was in the compound, he was definitely alright. He was probably just sitting around and sulking.

At the same time, Sally was also driving her car and entered the compound.

She reached the gate of the Chu House and kept knocking on the door. She was certain that Jackson was in the house. Mond didn't need to play a joke on her, so Jackson must be here.

Sally cried, "Jackson, Jackson, open the door. Open the door please."

After a long wait, Jackson opened the door. His hair was disheveled and his clothes were in complete disarray. He scrubbed his face with his hands and squinted in the bright daylight, at his unexpected visitor.

The stench of liquor emanating from Jackson hit Sally immediately. She saw that Jackson was drunk and realized that something must have happened to cause him to be such a mess.

Jackson drunkenly yelled at her, "Why are you here? Get out." Then he moved to close the door.

Sally put her foot in between and pushed the door open. She urgently grasped his arm and asked him with concern, "Why are you drunk in the middle of the day? Are you okay? What happened?"

Jackson continued to yell, "It's none of your business. Get out of my house." Then he attempted to push Sally away, but lost control of his body and fell back involuntarily.

Sally immediately supported him and held him in her arms, calling, "Jackson, Jackson."

Jackson squinted and felt weak and exhausted. His vision became blurry and he almost became unconscious.

Sally talked to him, "Jackson, let's go and sit on the sofa first." Then she supported Jackson and walked to the living room.

After they reached the living room, Sally noticed the bottles on the coffee table. The sofa was also really messy and littered.

It suddenly occurred to her that Mond had told her that Cherry would also be there soon.

She quickly had an idea. If this plan went well, she would not only be able to get Jackson back, but also kick Cherry out of the Chu House and make her leave Jackson forever.

Sally watched the drunk Jackson and gently said, "Jackson, let's go upstairs and take some rest. Is that okay?" Jackson faintly refused, "No. Get out."

But he had no strength to resist Sally. Sally supported him and laboriously went upstairs.

Halfway up the staircase, she threw her bag on the staircase.

After they reached the second floor, she took Jackson directly into the bedroom.

Jackson saw the familiar bedroom and soliloquized, "Baby, this is our home. We live here and we'll always live here. Live here."

He then fell onto the bed.

Sally looked at Jackson who was lying on the bed and felt happy. Because she was going to carry out her plan and do some interesting things.

She put Jackson in the right position and let him lie on the bed comfortably. Then she took off her coat, lay beside him and tightly held him.

Sally lightly asked, "Jackson, shall we sleep together?"

Jackson squinted his eyes and was just able to figure out that it was Sally who was talking to him, not Cherry.

Jackson shouted, "Get out. I want my baby. My baby." Then he pushed her aside.

However, Sally had no intention of leaving. She climbed onto him again and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

Jackson could feel someone touching him, so he pulled Sally's hand and looked at her closely. When he figured out who she was, he said, "You're not her. You're not her. Get out."

Sally got angry immediately and shouted, "Yes. I'm not her. How could I ever be that bitch? But Jackson, don't you love me at all? When we were kids, you promised to protect me forever. You've said that a lot of times."

Jackson told her his real thoughts, "But now I only want to protect Cherry and Joe." All he wanted was to be with Cherry and protect her and their son.

Sally cried, "Why? Why are you being so cruel to me? Just because I've left you alone so many years? Why did you fall in love with Cherry? What charm does she have? I'm much more attractive than her.

Look at me, okay? Don't be so cruel to me." Tears began to fall down her cheeks because Jackson was no longer the man she had known. She had come back, but he had already fallen in love another woman and given that woman his heart. Even though she had tried her best, she still couldn't get his attention again.

Watching a sleeping Jackson, she climbed onto his chest, put her face against his shirt and talked to herself, "Jackson, look at me. I'll be satisfied even if you just glance at me once."

Cherry stopped the car in the military residential compound. The moment she got out of the car, she saw Derek driving in at the same time.

Derek hastily stepped out of the car and walked towards Cherry.

Derek asked, "Cherry, how do you know Jackson is here? Did he call you?"

Cherry replied, "No. Mond told me."

Derek was confused and asked, "Mond?" He couldn't figure out what was going on.

Cherry said, "I don't know what happened, either. So we'd better enter the house first to see what is going on." Derek agreed, "Okay, let's go." Then he walked to the door of the Chu House with Cherry.

Cherry opened the door with her key and entered the living room. She smelt the wine and saw the messy living room and bottles immediately. Then she knew that Jackson had gotten drunk and wanted to drown himself in alcohol.

Derek causally asked, "What happened to Jackson? Why did he drink so much alcohol?"

Cherry looked around and found Jackson wasn't there downstairs. Suddenly, she noticed there was a woman's bag on the staircase. Cherry wondered what had happened in this house.

Derek also saw that bag and asked directly, "What's going on?'

Cherry said nothing to him. At this moment, she couldn't control herself and went up the stairs step by step, afraid of what she'd see upstairs. She had all sorts of images running through her mind.

Derek saw Cherry going up the stairs, so he also followed her in tandem.

When Cherry finally stood in front of the bedroom, tears fell rapidly from her eyes but her face remained stonily stagnant. She saw her husband lying next to another woman, a woman he had loved, Sally. Though Jackson and Sally were clothed, she could clearly see that Jackson's shirt was unbuttoned and Sally's coat was on the ground. Seeing the half-dressed Jackson and Sally, Cherry couldn't help imagining what had happened.

When Derek reached the second floor, he saw that Cherry was standing in front of the door. He reached Cherry and his eyes widened when he saw Jackson and Sally were lying together on the bed. He wondered why they had slept on one bed.

Derek saw that Sally was lying in Jackson's arms and wondered what were they doing. Cherry cried, "Mond told me that if I didn't come, I would regret it.

But now I'm regretting it. I shouldn't have come here." Then she turned around and ran downstairs. Hearing her crying, Derek felt sad, but his eyes were filled with anger. Derek suddenly yelled, "Jackson."

And he went into the bedroom. He walked to the bed and pulled Sally away from Jackson. Derek cursed, "You cheeky devil!" Then he pushed her aside.

Jackson felt someone moving, so he frowned. But he still couldn't figure out what was going on.

Derek shouted to him, "Jackson, what kind of man are you?" With these words, he held Jackson's collar and punched him in the face.

Jackson could feel blood trickling out of his nose. He shook his head very hard and then opened an eye slowly.

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