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Season 5

Episode 47

(Live happily after (3)

Jackson heard the sound of the door being opened and thought it was Susan again, so he raised his head and uttered, "Su".

He stopped mid-sentence, because he saw that it was Cherry.

Jackson was surprised and asked, "Babe, what are you doing here?" He stood up and walked towards her, aiming to hug her.

"Did you just say Susan's name? Were you hoping it was her?" Cherry asked as she sat down on the plush red sofa.

"Well yeah," Jackson walked to Cherry and sat down next to her. He rested his head on her shoulder and then explained, "She just left. We were putting together some paperwork for a very important deal."

"I saw her and she seemed very happy," Cherry continued to say, with suspicion. 'Had Susan and Jackson been doing something else? Was her husband lying to her?'

Jackson, who didn't want to talk about Susan anymore, whispered in Cherry's ear breathily, "Let's stop talking about her. Babe, what brought you here? Is it because you missed me?" he teased incessantly.

"I didn't miss you!" Cherry blushed but she didn't look at Jackson and stared at the floor instead.

"I can tell from your expression. You must have missed me. Were you thinking of me at work? Anything sexy?" A naughty smile appeared on Jackson's face.

"Jackson, stop it," Cherry hit him on his chest. "I only came to you for business." Cherry changed the topic and said, "Lily called me to say that the piano has arrived so I called Amy. She said she can teach Joe tonight."

"Wow, that's quick." Jackson was surprised, and said, "Well, Joe can't wait now, so it's a good idea for him to start learning tonight."

"Okay. Then we will wait for Amy's class tonight," Cherry said.

"Okay. You're the boss and I'm at your service," Jackson winked at his wife. All he wanted was to spoil Cherry, so he listened to her and gave in to everything she said.

Since the discussion about the piano issue was done, Cherry thought of something else they could do. It had been a while and she could feel herself get excited. She slowly put her arms around Jackson's neck, looked at him and said, "Aren't you busy today?"

"You're here, so I'm not busy," Jackson said, looking deep into her eyes and responding to the contact. For him, Cherry was the center of his life and took precedence over work and everything else.

"Really?" Cherry asked again.

Jackson replied with adoration, "Of course."

"Then I'll stay here for the whole afternoon and we can go back home together," said Cherry. Since she had finished all her work and Jackson was available too, she had no other worries.

She wanted to just spend some time with him.

"That's exactly what I want!" Jackson said, as he tightly held Cherry's waist, "I wouldn't mind being cozy and watching movies and just chatting with you for the rest of my life."

"You'll get bored of me if we hang out too much," Cherry denied his words but her heart felt nice and warm at the same time.

"All these years have passed. Do you really think I will get bored of you? I married you because I wanted to spend my rest of my life with you." Jackson asked. It was clear to him that she was important to him and he would never get bored of her. He didn't know why it hadn't sunk in yet for her.

"Jackson," Cherry said in a pleading tone.

"Yes?" Jackson replied.

"I love you," Cherry looked at Jackson and joyfully announced her affection for him.

Jackson didn't say anything but responded with actions.

His lip caught hers and he buried himself in her sharp sweetness. Since she had made the effort to come meet him, he wanted to show the whole world that she belonged only to him and no one else.

He gently brushed aside her hair and pulled her in to deepen the kiss. He could never get enough of her sweet face and body.

They both got heavy and bothered the kiss ended as Cherry pushed Jackson away.

She complained, "What are you doing? We're at the office! This isn't appropriate."

"This is my office, dear," Jackson said, as he moved to take off her top.

"Stop!" Cherry shouted, suddenly.

Jackson did as she wished but looked at her sadly. How could she try to persuade him to stop when she was so beautiful that he couldn't keep his hands off her?

"I don't want other people to see what we do in our bedroom," Cherry said.

"But you know, I can't help doing this when I look at you," said Jackson cheesily, with his heart full of love. Cherry remained the center of his world.
"Sorry, honey, we can pick up where we left off at home," Cherry said and then changed the topic, "How's Derek been?"

"Why do you bring that up?" Jackson was confused.

"Nothing, I'm just making small talk," Cherry said. She wanted to get her husband's mind off what they had just been doing.

"He's helping Selina with the JS Group," said Jackson.

Cherry was delighted that Jackson had changed his focus as she had wished, so she immediately said, "Jackson, what if Derek and Selina co-managed the JS Group? Wouldn't that be a good idea?

After all, the JS Group belongs to them."
Jackson pondered for a while and then nodded, "Indeed, that sounds good. It would be better if Derek manage the JS Group, because it's his company. I just hope everything about the company goes smoothly."

Jackson had learned a lot from Mond's last sudden attack. He knew Mond would stop at nothing to destroy him and his company, so he had asked Derek for help. If anything urgent happened, Derek would be available any time to help Selina as well as keep an eye on the company.

"Well, everything will be fine, right, unless some problems crop up?" asked Cherry, worriedly. She thought everything was going well since no bad news had come from the JS Group recently.

"Of course. Even if anything urgent happens, Derek and I can handle it," Jackson said.

Cherry snuggled up to Jackson, and asked, "Aren't we happy now?

What are you feeling now?" Jackson evaded her question and asked one in return. His heart at the same time was full of happiness because of Cherry.

Cherry said, "I think we are now extremely happy. My Mommy and her husband are living comfortably; Wilson's company is doing well; besides, he and Selina are going to get married soon; Joe and our family is also very happy."

Jackson agreed with her for he was also happy with how things were going. He had no complaints about the present.

Jackson whispered in Cherry's ear, "Babe, as long as you and Joe are with me, I don't want anything else."

Cherry kissed Jackson's chin joyfully and cheerfully agreed with him, "Me too."

"Are we gonna live happily ever after?" Jackson asked.

"Of course, we are, " replied Cherry with firmness. Their life and future was set and nobody was going to come between their happiness.

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