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Episode 4

*Logan pov*

“Looks like I missed you being an asshole once again.”

Luke looks at me with his signature glare. It’s always amazing to look at my twin and see parts of myself, yet see a total stranger.

“Where the fuck were you?” he spits out.

“On the phone handling the Lorenzo clearance for their new building. Then I got stopped by that Kayla bitch that keeps trying to eat your dick.”

“Never mind,” he growls as he tries to push past me.

I grab his arm and pull him in close. I love my brother and I know what’s caused this rift between us. It breaks my heart that neither of us will just say it. I can’t go on much longer acting like strangers. Luke has always been the strong one. He’s always been the one to bear the heavy burdens, and I’ve always been the one to balance us out. I usually find the good in any situation, but lately neither of us can find our place. It feels as though we’ve fallen out of sync and we won’t acknowledge what it is that’s done it.

“Pushing her away won’t fix this.”

It’s the closest I’ve come to vocalizing what’s happening between us. Being twins, we don’t need to talk to communicate, and when I look in Luke’s eyes I see everything he won’t say. He breaks eye contact and jerks his arm free.

I watch him stalk out the back door and don’t make a move to stop him. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kayla eyeing me up from the bar. Jesus, that skank doesn’t take a hint. I hate that she knows how my brother and I enjoy sharing women – correction: used to enjoy sharing women. Kayla must have heard about it from someone we shared and decided she wanted a night with the two of us. I know going back home right now is not a good decision, so I reluctantly head to the bar and order a beer. I sit down and pray Kayla doesn’t get any ideas about coming over. My dream dies within seconds.

“Hey Logan, how’s it going tonight?” she asks. It comes out breathy and with a slight moan, which she must think is sexy, but it just sounds like she can’t control her body functions. Kayla stands next to my barstool and pushes her body up against me. I can’t stand the feeling of her cold hands running along my arm and her bony hip pushing into my thigh. I lean back and try to maintain some physical distance. I’m irritated. Fun Logan has clearly left the building. I want nothing more than to just sit here in silence, but instead I’ve got to deal with Luke’s clinger.

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