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 🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 38💔🤕

💔(A good friend)💔

Lucas's POV cont'd ♥️

‘Oh my God you look stained,are you on your—

‘No it's something else'..Eliza replied as I helped her carry her bags inside the house...

‘Okay go freshen up,I'll feed and burp Melissa.Sleep and then we'll talk okay'..I said and she bursted into tears...

‘You were always a good friend Lucas,I was just too stubborn and stupid to realize it until now'..

‘Hey,hey stop crying will you? I totally understand what you're going through and I wouldn't wish it on someone else,you love him and it's —

‘I don't love the bastard anymore!!'..

‘Eliza?? What's going on?'..

‘The blood stain on my skirt isn't of menstrual blood,i...I..I had a miscarriage a while ago and I just found out that Damien has another child'..She said and my mouth went agape..


He has a second child and he's treating his wife like Garbage??..

A real man never keeps secrets from his wife talk less of even beating her..

‘I should've been there to protect you you know?? I shouldn't have been so—

‘Hold it there Lu !! it's time you stopped blaming yourself for everything.Go freshen up Eliza we'll handle things'..Miley said and Elizabeth nodded and then left...

‘Now is your chance Lucas'..She whispered..

‘To do what??'..I asked..

‘Tell her how you really feel about here,be more than just a good friend to her Lucas.Be her lover'..

Hours Later ♥️
Eliza came out finally all freshened up and I almost drooled seeing her wet hair and my eyes narrowed to the opening in her robe..

‘Hey'..She said in a hoarse voice and I smiled...

‘Hey, can't sleep??'..

‘Yeah,I can't sleep'..She replied..

TELL HER HOW YOU REALLY FEEL, Miley's words started banging at the back of my head and I couldn't help but feel nervous...

‘So let's talk shall we?? How was he treating you'..I said instead..

Get a grip of yourself Lucas..

‘Well he was horrible to me and Melissa,he yelled at me almost all the time and he never even said anything nice anymore...He...He raped me and that's how I got the miscarriage'..She replied and I gasped heavily...

‘He deserves to die Elizabeth for what he did you you,he deserves to die'..

‘I know right?? But I have you by my side don't you?? A good friend is all one needs'..She said and I sighed deeply..

But I want to be more than just a friend..

I want to be your lover and Melissa's father Eliza..



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