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 🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 37💔🤕

💔(No going back! )💔

Eliza's POV cont'd ♥️ be

My own Husband kept this secret from me for two whole years and I didn't know?!..

The monster has another child?!..

Is this the reason why he wouldn't even touch Melissa or even act like she's his daughter??..

‘Go home and pack my bags and bring them here Cara, please don't let anyone see you just do it secretly'..I whispered..

‘Where are you going to stay ma'am??'.. She asked..

I can stay in a lot of places but there's only one place I can feel safe and that's Lucas's house,I know he pretty much hates me now but I know he won't reject me when I come for help..

There is no going back!!..

I am never going back to that house and I am never going back to Damien ever again no matter what..

‘Cara! Don't forget Melissa! Bring Melissa with you!'..I said aloud before the maid could leave and she nodded..

Oh God please keep her safe and keep Damien in the office for a while till she fully executes the plan..

I can't bear to loose her too not after what Damien did to Marilyn?..

Lucas's POV ♥️

‘Still having dreams uh?'.. Miley remarked as she walked into my room and I sighed deeply...

‘Yeah only this time it was bloodier,to be very honest Miley I don't think Eliza is very safe in that house'..

‘You love her don't you??"..

‘What?? Of course I love her she's my best—

‘Not love her,you're in love with her aren't you?? ..She asked again and I pursed my lips lightly..

‘Mileu you don't—

‘You know I've known you were in love with her for a very long time,she took you as a best friend and you wanted to be more than a best friend.I know the both of you made sweet love and you both enjoyed it,I know that you weren't hurt because she accused you of doing that nonsense and married Damien'..She said and my brows perked up..

‘Then why was I hurt?'..I asked and for the first time I wanted to hear the truth from someone else...

‘You were hurt because she was the girl you were in love with and still in love with.You were hurt because you lost her and nothing else but you could still—

Her voice trailed off as soon as we both heard someone ring the doorbell frantically..

‘Who is it?!'..I called out and when I opened the door Eliza was there with Melissa..

‘No going back this time Lucas,I am never going back'..

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