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 🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 36💔🤕

💔(Another child pt 2 )💔

Damien's POV cont'd ♥️

‘You wouldn't dare!!! You wouldn't dare telling anyone about Madeline!'..I warned rising up from my seat and Anna chuckled..

‘Ohh so now you're interested huh? Pay me my f**king child support money Damien or else heaven and hell is gonna come down'..She said and walked away..

She can't do anything!!.

That's all what women do!!..

They make empty threats but deep down they can't do anything!!..

‘Hmmm so what am I hearing about another child ?? '..Gregory walked in with an inquisitive look on his face..

‘Yeah so what?? I have a baby mama and a two year old daughter!'..I frowned arranging the other set of papers at the side of my table..

‘You are one nasty person Damien,first you beat your wife and now you have another child which she doesn't know about?? Is this why you never wanted Melissa to be born??'..He asked and I scoffed..

‘I never wanted both of them to be born! Now I have a two year old daughter with golddigger names Madeline and I have another month old daughter named Melissa with—

‘A woman you beat everyday,anyways she called in Damien you gotta go help her'..He said..


‘Eliza,the maid called in.Your wife is bleeding profusely and from the looks of it it seems like she had a miscarriage'..


Eliza's POV ♥️

I was rushed immediately to the hospital still very much and writhing in very much serious pain..

‘Please hold on madam the doctor would soon be here'..Cara begged in tears and I sighed deeply..

’You don't have to worry..w..who's watching my baby??'..I asked..

‘Ohh uhmm Jerry,the gardener's wife is'..She replied and I nodded..

The doctor came in,examined me and then attached an IV to my veins which I had to wait till the contents were fully in my body...

‘You should leave him ma'am'..Cara muttered..

‘I..I...I can't'..I said to her and she shook her head..

‘You have to leave him madam! Please you have to leave him ma'am he's going to kill you!'..

‘Cara what are you saying??'..

‘He has another child ma'am and he killed Marilyn'..



Damien killed Marilyn?!!..

And did she just say he has another child?!..

‘What are you..what are you saying??'..I asked already on the brink of tears and she sighed deeply..

‘He has another child named Annamarie and he's going to kill me if I told you just like he killed Marilyn when she wanted to tell you,he's a dangerous man'..



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