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 🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 35💔🤕

💔(Another child? )💔

Eliza's POV ♥️

‘Is it a miscarriage ma'am??'..Cara asked as my hand touched the pool of blood on the floor..

‘I...I...I don't know to be honest,oh God I don't want it to be a miscarriage??'..I replied in tears of what was to happen...

‘We should take you to a hospital ma'am,you clearly need help'..She suggested and I sniffed my nose instead..

‘I will find out what's going on later who was looking for me??'..

‘Ohh it's a man,he said his name is Lucas'..She replied and i couldn't help but gasp..


‘Lucas was here?! Why didn't you tell me?!! Ohh you should've told me that Lucas was here!!'..I yelled angrily and she shook her head .

‘Mr Damien said he doesn't want anyone to see you and he told Lucas that you weren't home"..She explained and I sighed deeply..

Why is Damien doing this to me??..

I thought he had changed??.

Why is he doing this to me?? 

Lucas and Miley were the only true people in my life all along and I stupidly lost them all because of my stubborness!! This is all my fault!...

‘Ahhh'..I groaned in pain as I tried walking away from the bathroom but my belly hurt so so bad that my leg stopped halfway..

‘Madam are you okay??'..Cara asked as I gasped for air..

‘Call...Call...Call my husband'..

Damien's POV ♥️

‘What do you want Anna??'..I asked as Annamarie stepped into my office..

‘You know what I want Damien!! I want what's rightfully mine! You have been avoiding my calls and texts ever since you came back here!!'..She yelled and i frowned deeply..

‘So you left Austria just to come back here and do what??'..

‘I came to ask for child support you dumbass!!Madeline and I need money for our upkeep'..She replied..

Ohh women have got to be kidding me..

‘Then work Annamarie!! Work!! I won't stand there and watch you sit your a*s all day long waiting for me to pay your child support money!! Madeline isn't the only—

‘Another child?!'..


‘You have another child Damien?!! You told me that wife of yours couldn't conceive and now I'm hearing that you have another child?! What sort of f**kery is this?!'..She screamed and I rolled my eyes..

‘Look I never wanted a child okay?? A child isn't something I want!! I never wanted Madeline to be born but you wouldn't wash out the baby! I also never wanted my second child to be born so please!! You women should leave me alone!!'...

‘Oh my God Damien you're the most ignorant and most evil person I have ever known! But I pity your wife the most.She's clearly a dummy for staying with you for so long! If you don't pay me my child support money then I'll tell the whole world you have another child Damien!!'..

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