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 🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 33💔🤕

💔(In pain pt 1)💔

Two Weeks Later ♥️
Eliza's POV ♥️

My hands shook as I helped my one month old baby Melissa into her baby cot and sighed deeply looking at the huge scar on my arm..

Damien and I got into an argument a week ago and he used a curling iron to burn my arm..

Everything is just so overwhelming and i am in so much pain all thanks to my foolishness which Lucas warned me about..

Everything is just going so fast and the injuries I get on a daily basis is so much that I feel like I'm in prison..

And Damien wouldn't even let me go out..

‘Babe are you there??'..He called out and I jolted up lightly..

‘Ye..Yes I'm here'..I stuttered and he smiled as he kissed me softly on the mouth..

‘You know you look beautiful tonight'..He whispered and then slid his hands under my skirt..

‘Thank you but I..I'm not in the mood'..I replied and his brows perked up..

‘I don't need you to be in the mood?? I want you and that's all that matters'..He said and started kissing the nape of my neck..

‘Damien..Damien Melissa is crying'..I rasped loudly..

‘Leave the darned kid alone Cara would attend to her,I want you in my bed now'..He said and pushed dragged me to his room..

‘Damien please stop it!! Stop it please!!'..I cried out and he slapped me hard across the face which left me in severe pain..

‘You wh*re!! I am your master and your husband and you must do whatever I tell you to!!'..He yelled and unbuckled his belt..

‘Damien.. Damien you're raping me!'..I cried out in pain as blood spurted out of my mouth and he chuckled loudly..

‘It is not rape when you're my wife Eliza,we are married and I can't rape you?? People won't even take you seriously'..

‘Please I'm in pain Damien.Please don't'..I pleaded this time.

‘Suck my d**k Eliza just like you do to Lucas,suck it real good or else you're going to the dark room'..

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