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 🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 32💔🤕

💔(Beaten pt 2)💔

Lucas's POV ♥️

At Night 🌃
‘Lucas!!!'..I heard the loud scream and immediately jolted from the bed panting and sweating profusely..

What kind of a dream was that oh my God!!..

‘Lu are you okay??'..Miley asked as she rubbed her eyes coming from the other room..

‘Yeah I am I'm just tired that's all'..I rasped heavily and quickly downed a huge glass of water..

‘Hey cool down there big guy,what's really the problem??'..She asked again and a heavy deep sigh escaped my lips..

‘I just...I just don't feel good about something,I..I feel like..I'm very worried about Melissa and Eliza and I don't know why but I feel like they're in serious trouble'..

Eliza's POV ♥️

The Next Morning 🌥
‘Are you okay ma'am??'..Cara asked as she noticed my black eye..

‘Ohh it's nothing really I just hit the door that's all'..I quickly lied and when I tucked my hair behind my ear she noticed the bruises and screamed..

‘Madam!! Madam your face!! This isn't a door madam!'..She yelled..

‘Shhh Cara you don't want to wake your master up do you?'..I shushed her up and she covered her mouth abruptly..

‘So sorry madam but this doesn't look so good,were you beaten by master last night??'..She whispered and I sniffed lightly..

‘Please don't say it to anyone okay?'..I begged and she nodded..

Damien came down minutes later with a cheerful look on his face and when he saw me his countenance changed...

‘What happened to your face??'..He asked..

‘W..w...well you did,I was beaten by you last night dear husband or don't you remember??'..I replied and he smiled..

‘Well that was for running away dear wife,there are still more beatings to come and you'll sure love it'..


  1. Good for u eliza u deserve even more dan dat

  2. Hmmm dis isn't ordinary oo, is Damien in a cult or wat??? Is beating his wife a kind of ritual or wat?? It's jus confusing



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