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 🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 31💔🤕

💔(Beaten pt 1)💔

Eliza's POV cont'd ♥️

‘Shhh baby mommy's got you'..I whispered as I carried Melissa and rocked her gently and thankfully after some time she slept off..

I placed her inside the cot and then proceeded to the room where Damien was clearly making a call with someone but as soon as he saw me he hung up...

‘What is happening babe??'..i asked..

‘Nothing'..He replied in a very cold way and my brows perked up..

Why is he acting like this??..

First he was so remorseful and all begging me to come back and now I'm back he's acting to harsh towards me??.

‘Okay so what's next huh?'..I asked again..

‘What do you mean what's next??'..He asked back..

‘I mean what's next for US'..I replied and he frowned..

‘You are here aren't you??'..

‘Yeah of course I'm here but what's next for us!! I mean we still have to talk about how bad our relationship is and you know—

‘If our relationship is so bad then why did you come back??'..He closed his laptop and faced me fully...

‘Cause I want to save my marriage!! I just can't throw three years away Damien most especially when we have a daughter?!!'..I said very aloud this time..

‘So you came back to me because of Melissa?? Not because you love me??'..He scoffed and I sighed very deeply...

‘Of course I love you Damien! I love you and you know it!'..

‘Ohhh then if you really claim to love me then why did you go back to Lucas huh? You think I don't know you've been roaming the streets with him??'..He accused and my mouth dropped dead at the accusation..

Is he kidding me right now?!!..

After I came back and it's not even up to a day already he's back to old Damien which I never even knew existed?!!...

‘Look Lucas only helped with Melissa and it's not like....'...My voice trailed off as a huge blow landed on my cheeks and I cried out as he yanked me down to the bed..

‘D...Damien you're hurting me'..I whimpered and he slapped me again..

‘When you talk anyhow you get beaten wifey,this is the new rule now'..



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