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🤕💔In Love With My Best Friend🤕💔

(But abused my husband)

     💔🤕Episode 29💔🤕

(No longer friends)💔

Eliza's POV ♥️

‘So you really are going back to him huh?'.. Miley asked as I carried the last of my boxes inside the car's boot..

‘Yeah and Lucas is acting petty about it'..I replied...

‘Ohhh shut the hell up Elizabeth!! Just shut up okay?!! Lucas isn't acting petty about anything you're the one acting foolish about that whole thing I mean how on Earth can you even think of going back to him!!'..She yelled..

‘Oh God Miley not you too?? You know i—

‘You love him and blah blah blah,please get a hold of yourself! Lucas was there for you through thick and thin when your husband abused the hell out of you and now you want to go back??'..She asked..

‘Look you don't understand!! I can't just leave him like that?? You want my peers to mock me? That after three years I'm a divorcee? And besides Melissa needs her father'..I snapped and she scoffed..

‘Yeah the same father who didn't care about the pregnancy, the same father who beat you and locked you in a dark room,the same father who didn't even care when you were in labor!'..

‘Please this is my decision and if you don't want to support me then f**k off'..I said impulsively and I noticed that she was hurt from the look in her eyes.m


‘Ohh you don't have to worry,I'm very sorry for being your friend in the first place'..

Lucas's POV ♥️

‘Miley are you okay?? What's wrong?'..I asked as Miley slammed my door...

‘Eliza is what is wrong!! I mean who the hell does she even think she is?!'..She yelled and I smirked....

‘Well she is an idiot that's for sure'..I murmured..

‘A big one at that Lucas and we are no longer friends!! I can't be friends with a person who doesn't even respect my opinions and even listens!! After all we did for her she still went back to the bastard!!'..

‘You don't have to anymore,Eliza and I are no longer friends also,she's the definition of a very fake friend who just uses us'..

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