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          🌷Virgin at 50😧

👫Marrying a man👨old enough to be my father😾

Arabian story

             Twenty five

"Lemme tell you, I want to tell you"he pleaded

That wasn't necessary to her
  She don't think she needs this man again in her life 

    She gulped hard as those feeling of wanting to be with him clouded her little mind again 
She still love him, she still does 

She thought but what is it that mattered to her? 

   What does she treasure about him? His smiles, his face or his virginity which she thought she was


She loves him the way he is made
   Maybe she should give him another chance in her life

Maybe once will do

    Lawal looked pleadingly 

   He was ready to make everything all up for her
  Tell everyone the truth and face the consequences 

He wouldn't bear to loose Munira 

He loves her alot

 Maybe another kiss from her will calm his mind abit
   He thought as he stood watching her battle with her own inner feelings

   What if everything goes wrong again? 
  Her mind will get twisted again and she would get hurt again

   She don't want to trust him and she's trusting him again

Jeez! She just hates herself alot!

Maybe a chance will do 

One more chance for him

But wait a minute, is she trying to be his youngest wife or what? 

   It doesn't matter since he loved her
    She breathed hard

This was her fate and she must face it
   She must! And she would

    She brightened up her and found herself hugging him deeply 

  He didn't waste time wrapping his arms around her
   They were meant to be

Not even a few lies could change them
   The age gap is too much but who cares!? 
  Age is just a number 

Love is the best feeling ever

     "I really love you Munira "he muttered searching for her lips till he found it and fixed his lips with hers

    She missed this so much

She was only misunderstanding her husband all these while and its good they're this way

   She would learn on the kind of man he is
    She wouldn't care if he's a virgin or not

She took things too far

  She was naive and confused 

How did she love him? Was she right in loving someone so old enough to be her father? 

Maybe she was right afterall

  He disengaged his lips from hers and then gave her forehead a kiss which was so brief

    "I love you Munira and I will say it to you till am no more there for you"

   "Don't say that lawal, I know you love me
   That's the only truth in your lips"she said and they both smiled.... 



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