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         🌷Virgin at 50😧

👫Marrying a man👨 old enough to be my father 😾

Arabian story 


The weather turned out fine for all of them
   Lawal was doing good with Munira

They were planning on going on a trip to paris where Munira will give birth to their first baby 

    They want it big too

 They want to love each other forever even though that didn't go down with the rest wives in some ways

      Aliya got married to Aminu last month and are somewhere sharing their honeymoon

  It was really a happy ending or wasn't it? 

  They got what they wanted
  She held her husband's waist and started twisting it to the tunes of the music playing on the cassette player

  Nobody but you by Blake Shelton

🎶Don't have to leave this town to see the world

🎶Cuz there is something I gotta do

 🎶I don't wanna look back in thirty years 

🎶and wonder whom you're married to

🎶Wanna say it now wanna make it clear

   🎶That only you gotta hear

🎶When you love someone you set him free

"I don't wanna leave without you "she imitated after Blake Shelton giggling as he kissed his neck before he wound his arms around her heavy waist because if pregnancy 

   "Look in your eyes now, I don't wanna die now
  I don't wanna love no one but you"they chorused and giggled together 

    He was smiling genuinely

He had no lies again

  He was so free with her 

  She blessed him under her breath 
   She is so grateful to have met someone like him


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