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Season 4


(Back to the hometown (1)

"Don't push me!" Jina retorted, giving her daughter, Isla a dissatisfied glance. "We have lived here, away from home for a long time. Do you think it's proper for us to return empty handed? Without bringing our relatives any presents? That is unthinkable. Besides, we are going back to our hometown to celebrate your grandma's birthday. It's important to please her and honor her. Also, there is someone else who hasn't come yet. What's the hurry?"

"Huh? What do you mean? We are all here. Who else is coming?" Isla asked. 'Mom and dad are here. Of course I'm here! Why did she say that?' Isla wondered.

"You'll know it soon enough," Jina replied with a playful smile on her face. She turned around and returned to pack up their luggage.

Isla couldn't rest her mind, thinking about what her mother said. Right at that time, the doorbell rang. She went to the door and opened it; there was Aron standing with a bright smile. "Aron! What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you that I was going to return to my hometown with my parents?" Isla wasn't very pleased.

"Is Aron coming in, Isla?" Jina asked, quickly walking towards the two. "Come in Aron. Glad you could make it. Isla, be a nice little lady and pour him a cup of tea. Please wait a moment. We still have many parcels to pack." Jina said to Aron with a warm smile.

"That's ok. Don't mind me." Aron returned the smile.

"Well? Why are you still here? Go get him some tea!" Jina urged, nudging Isla towards the kitchen.

After pouring Aron a cup of tea, Isla finally figured it out. "Wait... are you going to come with us?" she asked while handing the cup of tea to Aron.

"Yes, I am. Surprise!" Aron replied smiling, looking at Isla with affection.

"Mom, are you crazy? Why did you ask Aron to come with us?" Isla called out. 'Mandy had also just come back to our hometown. The relatives think that Aron would be marrying Becky. This time, her family will attend grandma's birthday. Once they see Aron, they will be pissed off.' Isla mused.

"There have already been enough our rumors. You just want to use Aron to provoke Mandy." Isla continued with dissatisfaction. "Aron, don't listen to my mom. Just go home now." Isla turned towards Aron, pushing him to leave.

'This is crazy. I can't let that happen,' Isla told herself.

"Isla..." Aron replied tenderly, grabbing Isla's hand. "It's okay."

"Did you heard that? Even he doesn't mind it, why are you so nervous?" Jina glanced at Isla, slightly irritated at her daughter. "I just want to let those bitches know that my daughter isn't an old maid.

Didn't they laugh at you and say that you couldn't find a boyfriend? I'll tell them that my daughter is going to get married and her boyfriend is the perfect man."

Jina was a proud woman. After Becky had stolen Aron away from Isla, most of their relatives and neighors said that Isla deserved it. After that, Mandy went back to their hometown to give out invitations.

Their relatives buttered her up and spoke ill of Isla. Now Aron was finally back together with Isla. Jina couldn't wait to show everyone that her daughter was the most brilliant girl in the world and she was much better than Becky.

"But mom, it's not a good time..." Isla scowled at her mother. "Dad, do you agree on this too?" Isla turned to John for help.

'I don't need to show others my happiness.

If Aron comes with us, it will be extremely awkward for him. Many people will ask him about Becky. Aron will feel embarrassed, and I don't want to see that,' Isla pondered.

As John was about to speak in Isla's favor, Jina gave him a piercing glance.

"Isla, your mom is right. Now that you and Aron have decided to get married, he has to face this sooner or later. Your grandma's birthday is a good chance for that. I am sure that she will be glad to see him." John persuaded Isla. He didn't want to displease his wife.

"Oh Dad..." Isla pouted her lips and crossed her arms.

Her last hope was Aron. "Leave now. Ignore what they said," she turned to Aron, pushing him to the door.

"Stop!" Jina said to Isla in a commanding tone, gripping her hand tightly. "You can't let him leave, do you hear me?"

"Mom please..." Isla begged. "Why do you want him to go with us? If Aunt Mandy came back, she would go nuts!"

"So what? Let her go nuts. Peanuts, walnuts, coconuts, I don''t care." Jina sneered. "Your aunt had always bragged that her daughter would marry a rich man and she always rubbed it in my face. Now it's my turn to return the favor."

"Do you naively think that your aunt wouldn't give you a hard time if we didn't bring Aron with us? It's like waiting for a white crow. Bringing Aron to our hometown is the best way for both of us. We can take this chance to make it clear to everyone. Otherwise, the lies will continue and they will keep harassing us."

"But..." Isla said, raising her eyebrow. "It doesn't matter. I have to do this, for you." Aron interrupted Isla, holding her hand.

"Well, don't think of it too much," John comforted, as he walked up to Isla. "We're ready. Let's go."

Aron grabbed the luggage from Jina's hand, and helped her put the parcels and other luggage in the trunk. "Cheer up.

Your grandma will get angry if she sees you pulling a long face in front of her."

Jina said to Isla while putting her hand on Isla's shouder gently. She couldn't help but notice Isla's worried look.

Isla kept reassuring herself on the way. But when they arrived at her grandma's house, she was so nervous, her hands becoming cold and sweaty.

Aron helped Jina with her parcels. They had bought lots of gifts and special products on their way. When their neighbors noticed who had just arrived, they walked out of their homes and flooded into the Zhao family house.

Some looked at Aron's car with admiration and envy, while some stared at Jina's clothes. Jina generously handed out presents to the neighbors, receiving many thanks and praises from them.

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