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Season 3


(Why are you so mean)

Well, okay. But we did not come to check in," Autumn said coolly. She had already known that the hotel was owned by Rachel at the moment, making it impossible for her to want to stay there for even a night.

"Well, what you are here for then?" Rachel asked, looking confused.

"Here is the thing." One has to be humble when trapped in an inferior situation.

Autumn had no choice but to explain it to Rachel. "You might have known that there will be a launch event here by the Giant Promise Company. We are here for a preview of this venue today. We have to make the preparations for the stage backdrop and other relevant things.

Could you please take us there?"

"I'm afraid not." Rachel turned Autumn down without even thinking, which got on Isla's nerves at once, "What did you mean by no? Are you being difficult with us right now?" Isla said stepping forward towards Rachel.

"Isla." Autumn caught hold of Isla's hand, giving a sign to calm her down.

Afterwards, she said to Rachel, "Miss Bai, could you explain more on what you said just now?

The Giant Promise Company has paid the deposit to the hotel for the reservation. Are you trying to scrap the contract by preventing us to evaluate the site now?"

"Please calm down." With a slight smile on her face, Rachel continued, "The Giant Promise Company is a key client in this hotel. The last thing we would do is to displease them, isn't it?"

"Then why are you turning us down right now?"

"Miss Ye, I know there have been some misunderstandings between you and me before. But those things had passed, which I hope would not be distractions in the future between us. Don't you agree?"

What Rachel had just said only confused Autumn even more. Autumn could do nothing but keep her cool.

"The truth is that." With a smile on her face, Rachel said slowly, "As you know, I have taken over the hotel not long ago.

So the decorations in the rooms remain as they are originally, which were done by the previous stylist. After all, we don't want to cause any delay to the guests' accommodation. That was why I have taken over the hotel without making any big changes. However, for the assembly hall......"

With a quick pause, Rachel continued, "It was Edward who used to take care of the hotel. So, as you can see, the style here is outdated for me. So I decided to redecorate it starting with the assembly hall…… It's being re-decorated right now.

How could I show you around inside where it is such a mess at the moment? Letting you do the measurement inside would just stress you out."

"But……" Frowning slightly, Autumn had known that it would not go that easy. "What we need here is just to get the size of the stage. It won't take us long. We will come out as soon as we could."

"No way!" answered Rachel firmly. "Miss Ye, I know it is your job to do that. I don't mean to be hard on you. But the stage inside had been demolished already. If you go inside... there will be nothing you can do. It's being painted by the way."

Before Autumn could say a word, Rachel preemptively said, "And you have nothing to worry about, with the decoration. The materials we are using for the decoration are the most environmentally friendly. It will definitely not create any issue in the coming launch event."

"Such a coincidence that it has to be redecorated today. Did you do it on purpose?" Isla did not like Rachel at the first sight. She had a strong feeling that Rachel was hiding the truth. What Rachel was doing was to stop them from doing the measurements.

"How could that be……" Pretending to be helpless, Rachel looked at Isla. "There is no doubt that we businesspeople want to increase our revenue. And we achieve it by improving our service.

That is why we have planned the redecoration before. It is really… It hasn't been long since I have taken over this job. I did not know about the launch event taking place in the assembly hall until yesterday. However, the redecorating has already begun. I am really sorry for that."

"I don't think you really are. You are just being mean to us." Isla no longer wanted to hide her anger.

"Then how long will it take to finish the re-decoration?" Autumn was more calm than Isla. Though it was clear that Rachel was just being hard on them, there was nothing she could do. On the other hand, she knew it was of no help to fall out over this.

"Do not worry. I will keep an eye on the decorations and make sure that the workers finish the job on time. Well, it will take… almost half a month at least," Rachel said dryly.

"Half a month? Are you kidding us?" The last thing Isla could do at the moment was to calm down. It was less than a month before the launch event. If the preparations for the stage backdrop and other relevant things weren't started as soon as possible, it would be impossible to finish it on time.

"I know there is not much time left. But unfortunately I couldn't help with that."

Rachel said matter-of-factly. "And I will try my best to push the workers to work fast. Besides, someone will be sent to inform you as soon as the redecoration is finished."

With things as such, Autumn thought she'd better stay quiet. There seemed nothing she could do but to roll with the situation. It was totally bad luck to be stuck with Rachel on something like this.

Giving a glance at Rachel, Autumn said, "Miss Bai, then please inform me once the re-decoration work is done. Because we are really pressed for time."

"I understand. Don't worry about that." answered Rachel, nodding slightly. "I'm very sorry to let you down today. Your coming here was in vain."

"Pay no mind to it." Autumn tried her best to repress her anger and said their goodbyes. At the sight of them leaving, Rachel sneered, "Autumn Ye, the game has just begun. I will be watching when you separate from Charles forever. No one could ever touch what has already been in my hand."

"Autumn, are you going to let her get away with this?" The moment they got into the car, Isla couldn't help asking Autumn directly. "Rachel is deliberately being difficult to you. How could you act so polite to her?"

"What do you think? Do you think I have any other choice?" How could Autumn not feel the same way as Isla? But Autumn just could not come up with any other solution at that time. It was Rachel who had the upper hand this time.

Autumn just knew, that Rachel would create trouble for her. "Of course I know that she did it on purpose. But there's nothing we can do, is there?"

With a sigh, Autumn said, "We can only hope that Rachel doesn't go too far with it. Otherwise, if the preparation cannot be started on time after half a month, it will definitely be delayed."

They had no other choice.

"Come on, don't be upset any longer."

"Let's get ready with what we can do first. As for the stage backdrop...... let the stylist take his time to do the research on materials. And once we get the dimensions of the stage, we'll work really hard to finish it, even if we work overtime. Three days might be enough if we outsource it." Autumn tried to cheer Isla up.

"It seems to be the only way......" Isla nearly chimed in with Autumn. Both of them were upset by Rachel.

It was weekend the next day, Autumn got up late that morning. And Isla was getting ready to go to her hometown.

"Dad, Mom, are you ready now? Why didn't you have your things packed up earlier, knowing that we set off today?" Isla said disapprovingly to her parents, who were frantically packing.


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