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Season 4


(Back to hometown (3)

"Have you seen him? Isn't my son-in-law a handsome young man? He is much better than that carpenter, isn't he?" Jina asked Kay, putting on a smirk. "I advise you to pay more attention to yourself. Don't bother yourself with my daughter's marriage," Jina continued triumphantly.

Kay stared at Aron in confusion. He looked very familiar, but she couldn't recall where she had met him before.

Jina walked away to greet other neighbors complacently. "Today is my mother's birthday. Please join us for dinner if you're free," she said to them, as she gave some gifts away.

'The more, the merrier,' Jina thought to herself with delight.

"Sure!" the neighbors responded. They still looked down upon Jina, secretly, even though they took gifts from her.

Soon Jina had finished handing out all the gifts. When she was about to go inside, she heard the honking of car horns from a far distance. She turned around and caught sight of Becky and Mandy inside the car.

Dressed like a highborn lady, Mandy greeted neighbors with a smile while getting out of the car. Her eyes, however, were full of contempt.

She always considered herself to be superior than the rest of them. Every time she came back, it would remind her that once she wasn't a rich lady but just a country bumpkin from the impoverished mountains.

That's why she rarely came back.

This time only Becky and Mandy showed up. Mandy's husband had only come here once; at his wedding ceremony with Mandy.

"Mom, I'll go inside first," Becky said to Mandy. Becky had driven Mandy here. As soon as she got out of the car, she saw Aron's car and felt uncomfortable. Now she just wanted to hide and avoid being seen by somebody else.

"Wait, Becky. Come here," Mandy stopped Becky, gesturing with her finger to come to her. Mandy was sensitive about her reputation too. Therefore, she had intended to show her daughter off to the neighbors. However, Becky walked into the house directly as if she didn't hear Mandy's words.

Mandy gave an awkward smile. However, the neighbors weren't annoyed at Becky's impolite behavior. "Becky looks more beautiful day by day. Last time you wrote to us and called the wedding off. What happened?" someone asked.

"Well, about that..." Mandy said hesitantly, looking a little embarrassed. She didn't know what to say to them.

"They delayed it for an important reason. I will inform you of their wedding ceremony later," Mandy explained.

"Why did you decide to postpone it all of a sudden?" the neighbor continued.

"Mandy, I am telling you that you must urge Becky to get married as soon as possible. You know our traditions. See, Isla is almost 30 but she is still unmarried. You can't let Becky follow her bad example," she advised.

"Yes, you're right. I will talk to her later," Mandy returned. Mandy felt like she would end up spilling the beans if she stayed there. "Well... I need to see my mother. I've missed her so much. I will see you later, tonight," she said.

Mandy was in a haste to get inside the house. "I get it now," Kay cried out while patting her thigh, as she looked at Mandy's back.

"Kay, what's wrong? What are you trying to say?" a few neighbors asked, as they walked up to Kay.

"I know where I have seen that man. Did you forget him? He came here with Isla four years ago. We were told that they were going to get married," Kay said with a sneer.

"Now I remember him. At that time, they were in an intimate relationship, but then, didn't he fall in love with Becky?" a woman asked.

"I finally understood why Mandy looked awkward when we mentioned Becky's wedding. Isla stole her son-in-law," Kay went on with a grim laughter.

"She's always trying to show off in front of us. This time she's made a fool out of herself."

"They have a complicated family relationship."

'It seems that I will... see an interesting show in their house tonight,' Kay thought with a cheeky smile.

Becky understood that Isla must have brought Aron here. Although she tried to hide her feelings, but all her efforts were in vain, the moment she saw Aron and Isla standing in front of her hand in hand. She was fixated on their hands; clasped to each other like an unbreakable bond.
"Becky..." Isla greeted with an embarrassed expression, trying to withdraw her hand. Aron, however, tightened his grip to keep hers from pulling away. Before meeting Becky, the happy couple had carried all the gifts and presents inside and placed them near the Christmas tree. Isla wanted to take Aron around for a walk around the village to show him the progress they had made in just the past two years.

"Here you are," Isla continued, feeling a little embarrassed still.

Becky glanced back at them shortly and walked straight past them without stopping.

She was basking in the agony of humiliation. 'Aron looks so happy with Isla. In the four years that we had been together, not once have I seen him smile like that.'

"Why did you do that?" Isla blamed, frowning at Aron. "You know that you're just going to hurt her even more. Can't you just..."

"I can't!" Aron said firmly. "I have waited for four years for this. Now I can finally hold your hand in front of everyone. Why should I let go of your hand for the sake of some insignificant person?"

After a moment's pause, Aron went on, "What if she can't get past it, like ever?

Do you want me to hide my feelings in front of her forever? Does that mean that I can't hold your hand or share an intimate moment with you in her presence?"

"I don't mean that. I..." Isla muttered. 'Well, I give up. You wins,' Isla thought.

"Come on. Didn't you say that you wanted to show me around?" Aron softened his voice.

Soon Isla walked out of the back door with Aron. Mandy was having a conversation with Jina in front of the door when Isla left; she wasn't able to see Isla before she went out with Aron.

The big lake behind their house was a sight to behold. The scenery there was absolutely breathtaking.

"Jina, I've brought two dresses for you. I hope that you will like them," Mandy said to Jina. Mandy had married a rich man, but she was still a mean person from the heart. Every time she came back, she only brought them something she had previously used, such as her tonic or the old clothes she no longer wanted.

She never bought any of gifts for them. Jina used to turn a blind eye to her impolite attitude, but since Becky had framed Isla, she couldn't force herself to tolerate her anymore. "No, thanks. You should keep these good clothes for yourself. I am just a simple country folk who doesn't deserve your expensive clothes. If I really need new clothes, my son-in-law will buy them for me. I don't need yours," Jina returned with a sneer.
"You... are so ungrateful," Mandy said with discontent.

"What's going on?" a voice creeped in from behind. They looked and found Bette standing in front of them.


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